A Healthy Picnic With Some Simple Hacks

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Today it is a bit rainy, typical British weather, however in the summer going out for a picnic with the kids is an essential activity really isn’t it. It can be an activity that leads to an unhealthy meal often but it really doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips and hacks so you can enjoy a family picnic in the sun without it being unhealthy!

Make everyone their own individual sandwich so you can ensure your options are healthy and fit within your weight loss plan if you are following one. This also minimises waste as you can judge how much everyone will eat much more easily.
Swap unhealthy nibbles for something a bit healthier. Quorn cocktail sausages are only half a syn each if you follow Slimming World whereas your average other cocktail sausage is around 1 syn, so eating a few of those is a saving – think of saving for ice-cream!!
Make your own Pasta Salad with cooled pasta, pickled cabbage in its juice, sweetcorn, halved cherry tomatoes and cubes of cucumber, red onion and pepper.
Avoid shop bought quiches when you can make your own crustless quiche really easily. If you haven’t made it before and are a bit unsure here is a recipe I love, Rosemary and Red Onion Crustless Mini Quiches.


Consider making extras like potato salad so you can make it much healthier than a shop bought one, there is a great recipe for one here.
If you want to take some salad with you consider taking it in a jar, it keeps fresher and if you use an old jar you can throw it away if you don’t want to bring it home! Some ideas of ingredients here.

Take some chopped up carrots, peppers, cucumber and baby corn with some homemade dips for a healthy picnic food that feels a bit different from just sandwiches! There are recipes for Red pepper hummus, coleslaw, mushroom pate, garlic dip, sour cream, and Tomato, herb and lime salsa in a previous post of mine which can be found here.
If you want a yummy cold rice dish how about the Caribbean rice which is yummy and can be found here. You could even cook the jerk chicken and have that cold with it too.
Desserts – You don’t have to miss out on a dessert and there are low syn ice cream options available while you are out if you plan ahead, or how about making something like this Baileys Cheesecake? Or taking a low syn jelly?


Beth from http://twinderelmo.co.uk/ suggests using Cupcake/cake cases to put over the tops of glasses to avoid bugs or wasps getting in your drinks. Also use them when eating an ice lolly to minimise drips and sticky hands. I had never thought of this but I love this idea!
Renee from www.closeenoughtokiss.co.uk has a fantastic idea of pre cutting an apple into 1/4 or 1/6 and use an elastic band to keep it together and stop it going brown until you eat it. I cant wait to try this out too!
Nikki from www.yorkshirewonders.co.uk reminded me for the need to take a small first aid kit on a picnic, there is nothing worse than a sting or cut making a little one upset and then no one enjoys the picnic!
Steph from https://experthometips.com/ made me laugh with her tip which is “Use a muffin tray to hold drink cans/plastic cups so they don’t fall over. Especially important if like me, you love a pretty, UNSTAINED checked picnic blanket.”
Wasps are horrible aren’t they when you want a nice picnic and the pesky things just wont go away! Collette had some suggestions for them “Don’t take anything too fruity and sugary, unless you enjoy being bombarded by wasps! Might be a good idea to pack a couple of empty jam jars containing citronella candles for the same reason”. My mum is scared of wasps so I know she will love this idea!
Debbie and Jess both suggested freezing (non fizzy) drinks or water to keep the lunch cool and also ensure you have a nice cool drink too!
If you are taking crisps, even just for the kids Maria says “If you roll up the bottom of large crisp packets it makes a really cool and very handy bowl!” Also remember if you want crisps yourself Pombears are low in syns as are French fries and Quavers!

Ann suggested if you have special needs children or young ones who haven’t had a picnic before you could always test out the idea with them in the garden first and shares this post for ideas.
Laura from www.themammafairy.com sounds so organised as she said “Zip lock bags for everything!! I buy the big ikea ones and do “bags” for each child and the grown ups. I even use them for ice for the drinks. I back then in a soft hold all not those big boxes too hard to drag around and I pack them in the order we need them (I’m so sad!!)”

Jade from www.mummieswaiting.com is thinking forward to after the picnic saying “Take a foldable picnic bag so you don’t have to lug a box around when you are finished and pack a carrier bag in your basket so you’ll have somewhere for the rubbish and don’t have to sit next to the bin!” I am loving this idea as the further you are from the bin the less likely you are to be plagued by wasps!
This is the nicest place I have ever enjoyed a picnic! What a lovely view.

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