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How do you find a local tradesperson or maybe a photographer for your wedding, a personal trainer or a music teacher? We all ask friends don’t we and then if we still struggle we go online and search various numbers ringing up and asking for quotes. It is awkward though trying to explain what you want and then knowing what to say if it is out of your price range! Bidvine eliminates all of that time and awkwardness!

Bidvine is really simple, you start by selecting the service you are looking for. To test it out I went for a plumber to see how specific it actually would be because I know very little about plumbing and would not know where to start explaining a problem!

Step 1 – Select the service – I chose emergency plumbing, the other plumbing options were things like washing machine installation, shower and bath installation, bathroom remodelling etc. Add postcode and just click to get started! It is so quick and easy to do that you can do it anywhere!

Step 2 – A few questions so they can ensure you get the right professional. I selected “Failure in heating system” because I can imagine this being the sort of problem I would have and be clueless about! It then asked how long the problem has existed, (I selected less than a few hours), where in the house the issue was located (I selected Entire building), which appliances or fixtures are affected by the issue (I selected “Need Professional’s Assessment”), the kind of property I have (home, commercial building etc), if there has been any flooding (I answered no). I was finally given the opportunity to add photos to help describe the problem and asked when I needed someone to come with the option of as soon as possible!

Step 3 – Create an account so that the professionals can contact you with their responses via Bidvine.

I love the idea that in a few simple clicks you can look for the service you need without the time consuming phone calls or even emailing the same thing to various businesses. Personally I am not very confident either at saying to someone that they are out of my price range or not what I am looking for so this eliminates that so easily.

Responses can take hours or days but at least it is straight forward and you can get on with your daily life. This is so much easier isn’t it than spending your lunch hour ringing around tradesmen and remembering which ones didn’t answer so you can try again later!

Where can I find Bidvine?

It is very simple you can either go to or if you have an iPhone, Mac or iPad they have an app in the appstore. If you have any questions for them you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just search Bidvine!

**This is a sponsored post however the views above are my own**

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