Cosy Holder – Tablet holder (and protector from grumpy child!) Review

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So recently I was asked to review the Cosy Holder tablet holder, initially I couldn’t decide if it was cool or babyish and whether at 11 Ben would love it or hate it. I showed him it and he was very impressed and thought it was cool! After a few accidents with his iPad I was willing to give anything a go to protect it from more injury!

Ben has an iPad air, a standard 9.7inch size. He does however have it in a very chunky robust case and with a tempered glass screen protector! The poor iPad has still been subject to some abuse though! Ben is 11 and a typical boy in many ways, he drops it from his bed, he forgets it is next to him and sits on it, he drops things on it, drops it onto things and he gets grumpy with his Xbox controller and hits it on anything in reach (which has included poor iPad)!!
Most of the time Ben uses his iPad for watching YouTube Videos. Yes, he is one of those kids that spends hours watching other people play games, or watching life hack videos! When he does he tends to use the stand built into his case or just balance it against something on his bed, then accidentally kick it or knock it off etc!
I loved the look of the Cosy Holder and it didn’t disappoint. The one we have is “Frankie” which is bright green! Bailey is available too who is purple, Ben sees purple as a bit girly but green is cool! There is also a more adult version without eyes etc which is called “Beanie” but why you wouldn’t want one with eyes I don’t know!
For us the Cosy Holder was ideal as a way of Ben watching videos on his iPad without his iPad being so vulnerable! The bright colour and bulky nature of the Cosy Holder means he is less likely to knock it over or drop it!
Ben would be a little old to want to carry his iPad in the rear of the Cosy Holder on a regular basis but when he sleeps at his Grandma’s house or goes on holiday it would be good however unfortunately as we have such a bulky case on his iPad for the reasons mentioned above it doesn’t fit. For anyone using a standard case though or with a smaller tablet it would be perfect and we love the addition of the back pocket and carry strap.
If you want to own your very own Frankie or Bailey because you think they are cool like we do, or maybe have a young one who would love one then they are available currently at an introductory price of £19.99 (will be £24.99). The Beanie which is more aimed at adults or older kids who don’t like the bright faces of Bailey and Frankie is just £12.99 (usually £16.99) and can all be bought on their website here. They come well packaged and I think they are great! Since Ben got his we have so far had no accidents with the poor iPad!
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