Dear Stressed Mum in the Supermarket

Dear Stressed Mum,

As you walk around the supermarket with your little ones. The basket balanced on the pushchair and a littlest one trying to reach things. The older one wandering off and asking for everything they see. I see the stress in your eyes. The nappies hooked on to the handle and the little one starting to cry you look worn out. This isn’t a criticism it is because you probably are worn out, children are hard work.

You probably feel like everyone is staring at you as the little one screams and then the older one throws themselves to the floor because you wouldn’t buy the teddy bear ham that you know they don’t even like! I know some people do stare but they probably haven’t had children so have no idea what it is like. Most people though like myself are looking in admiration.

I have seen you in the supermarket many times over the last few weeks and know you live near me as I’ve seen you about. Your children always look clean and happy. They might be screaming for something now but they are lovely kids and I see that as do many others. We are not judging you we are admiring the job you are doing at sticking to your guns and refusing to buy them what they ask for.
Your children have great manners and usually are doing as they are told, this is a sign of such a good mum. You are probably tired and not feeling like a good mum right now but when someone like me glances across at you we may be looking in admiration not disgust.
Please don’t worry what other people think of you because you are doing a great job, your children are fed and clothed and in the most part happy. Don’t be hard on yourself and let them be kids asking questions and remember to pick up that bottle of wine for when they are all in bed!

You see me and many others who are walking about getting our shopping child free and you probably envy us but we also envy you, I certainly do anyway. I loved taking my little boy to the supermarket when he was small and him riding in a trolley asking what everything was. I would love to be able to offer you a hand with your shopping one day or chat to your children while you are checking the dates on the bread but fear you would see that as a criticism.
If you see me or someone like me in the supermarket please don’t worry not everyone is judging and smile and be proud you are doing great! Remember that wine or coffee for later! Maybe add a little bit of chocolate too, after today you will need it I’m sure!
xx Jen xx

Photos with huge thanks to Kate from feel free to pop over and read her great blog. 

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  1. February 7, 2018 / 11:20 am

    Absolute brilliant read…I hate shopping with the kids! It’s the most stressful time of the week!

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