Kitchen Gadgets – Useful or Useless?

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Kitchen gadgets are such a big market, every year we spend a fortune on the latest buy which promises to cook our food quicker or with less fat but are they worth the money? Do we use them day in day out or do they end up at the back of the cupboard? Here I use my experiences and share my favourite kitchen gadgets and chat to some other bloggers too about theirs!

Healthy Gadgets

The gadget I use the most would have to be the Tefal ActiFry ours is a bit older and a white one but in all honesty I cant wait until it breaks so we can look at getting one of these snazzy newer ones! Sarah from agrees and says she even uses hers for rice, I am intrigued now and must try that! This is the recipe she recommends. What do you use one for?
Katie who blogs over at loves her Tefal OptiGrill, I hadn’t heard of them before but they are on offer on amazon at the moment and actually look pretty good! It looks similar to a George Foreman type grill and very fancy looking!

Time Saving Gadgets

My favourite time saving gadget would have to be the microwave, I don’t use it that often but when I do it is a bit of a lifesaver as I just can’t imagine cooking a jacket potato purely in the oven I am too impatient!

Lynsey from loves her Masha which looks pretty fun though I am not sure what makes it different to a standard hand blender, may need to buy one and investigate! I love mashed potato when it is made well and not lumpy!
Entertaining Gadgets
We recently bought two Teppanyaki Grills which we love for a BBQ and will make it so much easier to have a BBQ even if the weather is bad as they can be used indoors too! These are the ones we bought and love and the food we made from them was amazing!
My brother has these too they are amazing, well worth looking into! In my eyes the difference in cost of charcoal and lighting fluid etc would make this pay for itself quickly enough!

Baking Gadgets

Since trying to eat more healthily I don’t bake cakes very often at all though when I do I love a good electric whisk as I think it makes the cake so much fluffier! We were sent the Judge Twin Blade Stand Mixer to try out which is great as it does everything the big expensive stand mixers do but takes up less space and is better value for money!

Jo from loves her food chopped which I guess can be used for anything from nuts in a cake to onions in a stir fry!

Small but Essential Gadgets

There are so many small gadgets that we use that when we think about it we don’t know where we would be without them now! The garlic press for example is Deborah from Http://‘s most used essential gadget, she says that however she crushes or chops garlic she can never get it as good as the press!

Hannah from thinks the ice cube tray is an underrated essential as it can be used for freezing little bits of food for weaning, freezing herbs in butter/water, and even freezing wine for cooking! We did both agree though that we were not really sure why anyone would have left over wine!

Kaiden from A Suffolk Dad makes a good point, he says he was once given a jar opener (I have one too pictured above!) but never uses it as a “good old bash on the side usually does the trick”! How true is that! Sometimes gadgets really don’t save us any time at all!

Jemma from loves her electric can opener, I have never used one personally but do find a can opener essential and maybe if I tried an electric one I would find that an essential too!

Mess Saving Gadgets
I am quite a messy cook so always happy to discover things which save me from making more and more mess! I recently discovered the Judge Kitchen Citrus Juicer and Jug after they kindly sent me one to try out. How much easier is it now to juice a lemon or lime without getting it everywhere trying to tip it into a jug to measure or pour! It is these simple things that can save so much mess! I usually just use a bottle of lemon juice and try to guess how much I would get out of a lemon!

Not exactly mess saving but less washing up has to be the same right? Louise from Http:// has a microwave steamer she uses most days! I like the sound of that, quick steamed vegetables and less washing up! Bonus!

“Feel like a top chef” Gadgets

I always feel like a top chef when I have new knives or freshly sharpened knives don’t you? Danielle from agrees with this and says it is one thing you never regret buying which I have to agree with! Emma from has a dad who loves buying her gadgets from Lakeland and on his last visit bought her a tomato knife! I was intrigued when she said that so had a search and this is it.
We have been sent some Stellar Acid Etched Graters to try out and wow the sharpness of them is amazing, I am rather accident prone so fingers crossed for my fingers!

On the other hand a few years ago I bought a Mandolin similar to this one though I remember paying a bit more for it! I have used it once and really need to either use it more or get rid of it as it just gets in the way in the cupboard! They are pretty good I guess it is just remembering you have it and not automatically using a knife!

Good frying pans always appeal to me too, I am currently reviewing some Copper Stone Frying Pans from JML which are amazing and I cant wait to share those with you! It makes me feel like a proper chef when I fry an egg and it looks perfect when its done!

“Good idea at the time” Gadgets

We all have gadgets like this don’t we that we buy or are given but then they live in the back of the cupboard and are not used very often at all, if ever again! For me it would probably be the spiraliser, as much as I love it I feel it takes too much space to keep out and then the idea of getting it out just for some curly vegetables really doesn’t appeal!

Beth from has a smoothie maker and yoghurt maker at the back of her cupboard and has never used either! Sarah from on the other hand has this Nutribullet (currently on offer on amazon) and uses it every day for smoothies or protein shakes! Kelly from loves her Nutribullet too! I guess it’s a Marmite type thing, love it or hate it! Victoria from has a Ninja which is similar but a fair bit cheaper and Victoria says it is great for smoothies!
Smoothie gadgets – love them or hate them!
Hannah from was given an ice-cream maker as a wedding present and says it makes lovely ice-cream but the ingredients are so expensive it never gets used! I have always wanted an ice-cream maker so now I’m glad I never bought one! My waistline probably is pleased too!

Busy Lifestyle Gadgets

Kate from loves her boiling water tap, I would totally love one of those but I would probably then be permanently attached to a cup of coffee and never sleep! Along the same note Helena says she couldn’t live without her kettle – me neither! Stacey from has a Nespresso machine she loves for when she has a few minutes child free to keep her awake when the kids wont sleep! How essential is something like that? I wish I had something similar when Ben was younger!

Jon from has a Toast, egg and bean machine he says is amazing. I had a look and it does look pretty cool! His is from Argos here and looks like it is something I would love if anyone fancies sending me one to try out!
I love our slow cooker for chucking various things in before we go out for the day and knowing you are coming back to a hot meal, especially in the winter! Aliana from agrees and uses hers lots too. A similar gadget I guess is the Instant Pot which Tess from uses a lot for rice, steaming vegetables, risotto and even a super quick stew!
Katy from loves her bread maker and uses it not only for bread but for pizza dough, jam and cake too! I once had a bread maker but it just gathered dust so I got rid of it!
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