My Favourite Aldi buys this week

I am often asked about eating on a budget and it can be said that eating healthily costs more but this isn’t always the case. I often shop at Aldi and this week I thought I would share with you some of my favourite buys.

These are some of my buys this week. When I see items on a good offer I tend to try and use those more for snacking or make recipes around them. The above includes some of my favourites they always sell and some they have on offers.

Frylight (Olive oil variety) £1.49
Benefit Bars (6 Pack) 99p
Cherries 59p
Sharon Fruit 59p
Honeydew Melon £1.15
Baking Potatoes 2.5KG £1.69
Black Forest Fruits (Frozen) £1.59
Chopped Tomatoes 29p
Plum Tomatoes 29p
Butternut Squash 72p
Garlic Cloves £1.39

Other favourites not photographed are

1.5 Litre Squash bottles – double concentrated about 89p, I love the Orange and Mango one.
Cauliflower 95p at the moment which is pretty standard but they had big ones this week in Aldi.
Balsamic vinegar 59p
I also like the natural yoghurt and cottage cheese from there too!

Hope this helps anyone looking for some inspiration for bargain items that are healthy so you can save some money for summer days out or a holiday!

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