Things Bloggers Don’t Tell You!

Everything is not always as it seems and if you were to be there in person when some photos are taken you’d see that the reality can be often be incredibly comical. When I was thinking about it the other day it gave me a giggle so I am sure it will have you in stitches too!

All bloggers have a stash of wallpaper samples!

Why you might ask? Well, we don’t really have fancy wooden floors and posh tables to photograph things on! A big bag of wallpaper samples mean that whatever it is we are taking photos of we can find that perfect background! Of course you could buy a photography backdrop but it depends what you are looking for.

Only one meal looks like the photo!

The rest are just chucked on the plate like everyone else does, one meal is made to look nice. This meal usually ends up eaten half cold if it is tricky to get the right photo!

Some of the wallpaper samples, on a “wooden table” which is actually a PVC table covering of wood effect!

When you see the child smiling it could well be fake!

They may have initially smiled but once you have moved them to the right spot, swapped how they are holding something, and got your camera they are feeling fed up and just smiling to get it over and done with!

We write blog posts and take photos in our pyjamas!

So many times I have sat and typed my blog posts in my pyjamas with greasy hair! It is a job I can do wearing whatever I like and I love that!

The “aaarggghhhh have you taken enough photos yet” look

We all have that one wall!

The wall that looks ok to take photos in front of, the one where there isn’t clutter in the background and that makes our house look much tidier than it is!

The “to review” pile on a table of shelf

The pile of items we have been sent to review but have not yet taken photos of so they need to stay boxed and packaged until they are used! Yes that coffee might look nice but you cant use it yet I don’t have a photo! The other week I was sent some coffee to try and offered it to Stuart after tea, little did he realise that before I made it there was an obligatory photo shoot of it with various backgrounds until I knew what I wanted to use. Then finally we could drink coffee!

When we visit your house we are secretly remembering good photo spots you have!

My mum for example has a very photogenic kitchen so I have in mind that I will possibly pop over there when I have some kitchen items to photograph! I know which of my friends have good light in their houses and who has a garden that might make the perfect backdrop for a photo!

The “good wall” and the clutter that surrounds it!

We love a good filter

As much as we try not to use filters there is always that time that the photo looks perfect but needs a bit of brightening, filters are perfect for that and mean you don’t have to wait even longer for the coffee!

We buy random items just because they will look good in photos!

I admit I have done it, a chopping board or a candle that would just make the difference in a photo, well we think it will anyway so we buy it “just in case”. Of course these items are not allowed to be used because when we need this candle it needs to look just right!

My wallpaper collection!

You don’t see our first reactions!

When we try a food that isn’t nice we don’t take a photo of that, and you certainly don’t see the photo of the burnt stuff, got to love the zoom! If a food doesn’t look nice you might just get a photo of my empty plate and I might claim to have forgotten to take a photo! I often make food that is too spicy for me by mistake so I take the photo and it looks nice but what I don’t tell you is that I didn’t eat it until I had added half a pot of natural yoghurt!

We don’t like to keep asking but we really want you to share our blog

It is awkward for us to keep asking but we really want you to keep sharing our posts and encouraging others to follow us. In fact when we get lots of views on a post we actually get much more excited than we admit to our readers! I have been known to stay up late to see how many visitors my blog can get in a day rather than wait to look at the stats the next day!

We have all cried when a photo has gone wrong!

At least I hope this is not just me! Our presence online on social media and the blog is important and feels like it has to be right and I can honestly say I have cried before when I have got frustrated at a photo not being right! Maybe I am alone in this but I hope not!

We went on a lovely walk here and it may definitely feature in the background of future photos!

All our plans revolve around photo opportunities

If we are considering where to go on a day out one of the crucial factors is whether there will be good photos we can take, a blog post we could write about it or if not an internet signal so we can check on things on the blog!

We are not online as much as you think!

There may be posts on social media throughout the day but the truth is sometimes they have been scheduled so we are actually asleep when we are posting about the latest blog post or asking how you are! Sneaky but necessary!

It’s not all freebies!

Whilst it probably seems like we get loads of freebies these are items in payment as such for promoting them or reviewing them and sometimes its blooming hard work getting photos and writing up something so it definitely is more than freebies! Quite often when a product is hard to photograph regret sets in and we wonder why we agreed to this!

If reading this has made you think about writing a blog how about checking out my post about starting a blog and how easy it is and make a start. I will be writing more blog posts over the coming months about the early stages of blogging so if there is anything you would like to know comment and let me know and I will get that into a post ASAP for you.

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  1. July 13, 2017 / 9:13 am

    Really enjoyed this read – I was looking at wallpaper recently, I haven't grabbed any yet though! Also – I saw in Primark they had a roll of marble wrapping paper for 1.50 (Approx) – this could be a good idea for backgrounds?

    hayley //

  2. July 14, 2017 / 11:37 pm

    hahahaha i totally saw myself in these situations! Congrats on your collection of wallpapers! I have only 6 but they do the job so far… although i havent cried (yet) because of a photo gone wrong, I have spent a whole day so I could have ONE more or less pic of myself (for an article). i love taking pictures of stuff but not from myself… good article! tks for the laugh 🙂

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