Back to School – Helping your children with school work

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It is almost September so all across the country parents like me are rejoicing at the idea of being able to clean a room and then an hour later it is still clean! The fridge will stay full and the routine will be back to normal! This does however bring the battles of homework, do they do it straight after school or at the last minute before it needs handing in? The reality is at some point every parent is likely to have this battle! There is something that may help you though.

Do you find that your child like mine loves doing quizzes on the computer but is less keen when they think they are learning? The amazing website Education Quizzes has a huge selection of quizzes for all ages and National Curriculum levels (Key stage 1 through to GCSE) that are actually written by teachers so you know you can trust them.

A screenshot of the mobile view of the website

The website can be used on a mobile device as well as a PC so it is ideal for a child who loves their Ipad but tries to avoid learning! I have had a go at the quizzes and they are easy to understand and well set out so great for kids of any age. I am loving the fact that you can also have a go at the quizzes and test yourself on what your child is learning so that you know when you are helping them with their homework that you are up to date and remember the facts correctly!

So, how much does this cost? There are free websites that do similar aren’t they? Well yes there are free websites with quizzes on but with those I feel you do not know how suitable they are to the different key stages and if the levels are appropriate so I guess the choice is yours but to me peace of mind that the quizzes are written by teachers and at the correct levels makes it worthwhile.

The price for this is £9.95 a month, I appreciate this is not within everyone’s reach financially however you can cancel the subscription at any time with no minimum period so it may be something you chose for a short term period when your child is struggling or revising. There are thousands of quizzes so even just subscribing for a month you would really get your moneys worth!

There is an alternative – ask your child’s school about it! No I am not suggesting each school pays £9.95 a month for each student, that would be crazy! There is however a massive discount for schools and they can get it from £2 per student after the free first year! Yes you read that right a whole year free for schools! So if you like the idea of this but are not sure about buying it yourself ask your child’s school, they can only say no!

***This is a sponsored post***

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