Globenfeld Seal Chronograph Sports Watch Review

When I first saw this Globenfeld Seal Chronograph Sports Watch I was asked to review I thought wow it looks good, Stuart was impressed too when I told him he could keep it! It is very much an all round watch on initial impressions but at £59.99 is it worth it?

So, £59.99 for a watch, the sort of amount you might spend on a present for your partner or maybe you would usually spend more? What if I told you this watch has an RRP of £149, now I have your attention! It is true we all love a bargain don’t we and this is one!

The Globenfeld brand is one that straight away speaks classy and expensive. Their watches are all known for good quality but would this one be the same given the huge discount?

I am pleased to say it really did meet our expectations. The watch came boxed in a nice case which you would be proud to give as a gift and with full instructions.

How hard are men to buy for? I loved that this came with a 60 day money back guarantee because lets face it there is always that worry that you are buying something they wont like! It is guaranteed for 5 years too so if they do like it, which I am sure they will, you know for 5 years they will have a fantastic looking watch. This does mean however you have to find other gifts to buy them for 5 years at least!

They call it a sports watch but in both mine and Stuarts opinion it really is a watch you can wear at any time as it is quite smart and looked great with his shirt and tie for work but also was fine when he got home and changed into more comfy clothes.

The strap is thick and good quality whilst the watch face itself is large and stylish but it is quite lightweight too so doesn’t feel like you are weighed down! The watch weighs just 78g so looks much heavier than it is.

I wont waffle to you about all the features of the watch because I know that if you like it you will be like me and click through yourself to have a read before you buy anyway! I am much more one for appearances and then check the specifications later anyway and I guess most of you are too!

This really is a gorgeous watch and if you are looking to treat your partner, or yourself it is well worth a look! The RRP is £149 but on amazon it is just £59 at the moment here so worth putting away for Christmas maybe? Though I know it is summer now so we don’t really want to think about Christmas it will be here before we know it!

This watch was sent to me for the purposes of the review and to keep afterwards however the views above are still my own views and not affected by being given the watch.

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