My Grandma my amazing inspiration!

Last week I went to see my Grandma for the first time in months and have vowed I must see her more often. She lives about a 2 hour drive away though so it isn’t always easy. I just wanted to share a bit with you guys about her and my thoughts about her generation.

My Grandma was born back in 1930 and is 87 years old. She has lived through so much and like many her age has so many stories to tell. I can only imagine life back then but I know it was so different to life now. When I was young I remember looking up to my Grandma and wondering what it would be like when I got to her age.

My Grandma has 7 children, 12 Grandchildren, and 8 Great Grandchildren, that is something I just can not possibly imagine, 7 children! My Grandma had a childhood that involved being evacuated for months on end during the Second World War but she isn’t one to talk about it often. My Grandma is not someone who lives in the past she is always keen to know the latest technologies and is so intelligent you wouldn’t believe.

Unfortunately she is getting old, she is only rarely able to leave the house now and is waiting for a hip operation, all too common in older people I guess. She is so different in some ways to the lady I am used to, to put this in perspective only maybe 7 years ago my Grandma would go on long country walks on her own, she would get the train up and down the country visiting relatives, and she was so independent.

Me and My Grandma when I was a lot bigger – not my biggest though!

Seeing my Grandma needing help from carers every day is heartbreaking, seeing her not able to do all the things she loved anymore and trapped at home every day makes me sad. My Grandma is so amazing I can not ever imagine my life without her she has taught me so much. She has supported me through so many difficult periods of my life and never judged me.

How many Grandparents would visit their Granddaughter at university and stay with her in student halls when they are about 70? My Grandma did and she loved seeing how I lived at university and where all the places I spoke about were. I love my Grandma so much and admire her so much I wish everyone had a Grandma like mine and I do hope that Ben has a great relationship and adores his Grandma (my mum) just as much.

My Grandma, Myself and Ben last week when we visited

Do you have a good relationship with your Grandparents? Do your children have good relationships with theirs? Obviously no one will have a Grandma as wonderful as mine but do any come close?

I chatted to some other bloggers about their grandparents and heard some lovely stories which I thought I would share with you.

Emma from Https:// says – My Nan was my rock. She was there for every family member and took me in after my Mum died. She was so full of life up until she died at the grand age of 101. She could tell you the best stories of the war and her life and what she used to get up to. She had a zest for life that I was in awe of. Even at 101 she wasn’t ready to go!

Jenni from says – I am lucky enough to still have 2 Grandmas, one in her 70s and one in her 80s. I see them both at least a couple of times a week and I love how my toddlers face lights up when he walks in to them. They have both taken me on many days out and had my brother and I for sleepovers when we were younger. They are both very independent women and aren’t letting age slow them down.

Hayley from says – My grandpa is my only grandparent still alive. It makes me sad to see him incapable physically these days but he’s still retained his humour and his flirtatious ways with ladies. He’s 91 and has still ‘got it’! He reminds me of long weekends spent in the garden together, days making things in the workshop and lots of warm fuzzy memories. He’s always been there, always constant for me. I hope my son gets the same relationship with his grandparents.

Natasha from says – My Nans belief in me was absolute and without question. On the day before she died she told me how proud she was of me and my children. She wasn’t an educated lady but she knew how to love her family and she was selfless to a fault. She also cooked really weird things – for example she would colour code her meals – white dinner could be pasta, cauliflower and fish – which we all found funny. She was 4ft10 but easily one of the biggest personalities I will ever know. I feel sorry for anyone who never met her.

Laura from says – My Nan was 90 yesterday and has been like a second mum to me my whole life. She’s brutally honest, always has wise words or wisdom and loves us unconditionally.

Stacey from says – My Nan was just fantastic! She unfortunately passed away in March this year, while I was in the same hospital waiting for an elective section planned on that day. My section ended up being deferred 3 days so my lovely Nan didn’t get the chance to meet her second great grandchild, but I know she’d have been immensely proud. One of the hardest working women I know, my Nan raised 4 children as a single Mother and then took in my Mum, me and my Brother when I was 8 and played a crucial role in my upbringing. She also took it with great humour when I used her photographs in presentations when I was speaking at conferences!!

Karina from says – My Nana is like a mum to me, she raised me when my mother was sick. I adore her and love her unconditionally, she’s my best friend.

Tamara from says – My nan is my best friend! We go on shopping trips together and she just knows how to make me smile. I love her unconditionally. When I was pregnant with my little girl she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time yet kept it a secret because she knew that worrying could harm the baby. She is a true inspiration to me and if I turn out just a tiny bit like her I’d be eternally grateful!

So many lovely stories and these are just a few. Do comment and share your stories I know it will make me smile and I will read them to my Grandma when I next visit!

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