Over 30 Money Saving Hacks for the Kitchen

I have been looking a lot at how we could save money lately so I have taken to social media and searched the internet and found some great money saving ideas! I have not tried them all yet but I am going to give a lot of them a go! Do you have any ideas of how to save money in the kitchen?

Drink out of clean jam jars rather than buying glasses. Isn’t this a bit extreme?

Use meat bones to make your own stock and freeze the stock if you wont use it within a few days.

Use vegetable peelings and scraps to make a vegetable stock, again freeze if not using or freeze the scraps to make stock when needed.

In the winter when you have finished using the oven turn it off then leave the door open while it cools down as this heats the room. I cook lots so I must remember this – not good if you have small kids though!

Use Eco balls instead of detergent and conditioner in the washing machine.

Use oil from tuna to fry foods (obviously if not using a healthier alternative) rather than throwing it away.

Grow your own herbs on the windowsill or outside to use in cooking. Unless like me you always manage to kill plants!

Get free sauce, tea, coffee, sugar, freshening wipe sachets when you are out so you don’t have to buy them. Personally we use too much of these to do this!

Wash the mop head when it gets dirty instead of buying new.

Make your own yoghurt My mum used to have a yoghurt maker, I’m not sure it would work out much cheaper but intrigued.

Use bacon rind and fat cut off meat for stock. I am not sure this is overly healthy though due to the fat!

Get the last bits out of your coffee jar if they are stuck buy pouring boiling water in to make another cup full.

Buy reduced food and freeze it if you wont use it in time.

Add lentils to meat meals so the meat goes further.

Buy value brands and see if you notice the difference if you don’t then stick to them.

For a cheap hot picnic take out hotdogs in a flask, buns and ketchup.

If making pasta for one use a cup a soup sachet for the sauce

Use the juice form drained chick peas instead of egg white in foods like meringue and chocolate mousse. This really intrigues me, does anyone know if it really works?

Use soda crystals instead of expensive drain cleaners to clean drain. I have done this it works!

Plan meals so you don’t buy things you don’t need! We do this lots and it makes such a difference.

Water full fat milk down rather than buying skimmed or semi skimmed and it lasts longer. We don’t use much milk but may be worth it for someone?

Use left over bread for homemade croutons or breadcrumbs.

Wash and reuse food bags. My Grandma used to do this!

Use a hair grip on tomato puree tubes to squeeze every last bit out.

If you eat out and don’t finish your meal take the leftovers home you have paid for them! I am greedy and usually finish it but like the idea!

If you are the only one home drinking hot drinks boil the kettle once in the morning and fill a thermos flask with the boiling water to make drinks throughout the day!

Ignore best before dates (Not use by dates) and use your initiative.

Reuse foil when you can

Pickle your own foods. Personally I’m not sure this is worth it?

Pick blackberries to eat and freeze for later weeks/months.

Make your own fabric conditioner with white vinegar and a drop of Zoflora. I am intrigued with this one and will definitely try it (when I remember to buy Zoflora!).

Make pan scrubbers from netting from fruit cartons. I love this idea and can really imagine it working well.

Use uncollected charity bags for bin bags. We used to get loads I hardly needed to buy bin bags!

Use junk mail to write shopping lists.

I have found so many other money saving tips so watch out for future posts with money saving tips in the garden, money saving tips for cleaning, money saving tips in the bathroom, and money saving tips out and about. Also another upcoming post will be about how to save money whilst shopping with various apps etc.

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  1. August 3, 2017 / 12:28 pm

    I use white vinegar with bit of zoflora and a squirt of stardrops, then water it down by about a third to clean my bathroom, kitchen, tiled floors and windows – white vinegar costs 28p a bottle on ALDI atm and I get the other stuff from Home Bargains and it lasts for ages using it for this. I'd say it costs about 10p per spray bottle I make up – how much do Flash/Cif etc charge for theirs?!

    • August 3, 2017 / 12:29 pm

      Oh and I should say it's really good, especially on glass 😄

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