Penclic R3 Wireless Mouse Review

When I was approached to review the Penclic R3 Mouse I was very intrigued because on one hand it does look a little dull to be reviewing a mouse, but this mouse is different and fun looking so I wanted to see if it was really worth its £59.99 price tag or just an over priced gadget!

Penclic mouse in packaging it looks just like a pen!

The pack contains a storage bag, the USB receiver (that plugs into the Laptop), a retractable USB cable for charging the Penclic, a rechargeable battery and the Penclic itself. It is very straight forward to use for the first time with the only thing you need to do being put the battery into the base of the mouse and charge before first use (though it does work whilst charging if you have no patience!).

contents of penclic r3 as described below laid on table

The Penclic is designed so that it can be used by both left and right handed people which is perfect for our house as Ben and Stuart are both left handed and I am right handed! It is wireless so great when you are working away and don’t want a wire in the way!

left hand using penclic r3 and laptop displaying just average jen website

I wont lie and say it is easy to use at first because it isn’t! It takes some getting used to when you are used to a typical style mouse or even a pad on the laptop! I love the concept and I can completely see why they would help minimise repetitive strain injury as the shape is great. I can imagine for people with other conditions it would be a helpful change too. The DPI can be changed on the mouse too which basically means the speed/accuracy so the sensitivity of the mouse as such which is good.

I like the fact that the battery can last maybe a week depending on how much you use it from each charge especially helped by the fact that it goes into a sleep mode when not in use for a while, woken up with a click! The only negative I would add is that it is a little fiddly plugging the USB cable in to charge the Penclic due to the shape/design but if you’re only doing this maybe once a week it isn’t really a big deal!

Penclic mouse standing next to laptop plugged in by usb

So, is it worth the price tag? I guess it depends on how much you use a mouse and your needs. It is available in a wired version for a little cheaper at £49.99 rrp and a little search online shows they can be sometimes available under the rrp. If you are using a mouse all day every day and wanting something different to try and help with wrist pain then if you think this works out as not much more than £1 a week for a year that isn’t too bad is it, you could easily spend that on painkillers!

right hand using penclic and laptop showing just average jen website

The website where you can buy the Penclic R3 direct is so pop over and have a look and see what you think!

Please note I was given this item free of charge in return for an honest review. I never promise a company a positive review just that I will try it out and give my honest opinions and those of my family. The views above are my own and not influenced by being sent the Penclic R3.

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