Supporting Elderly Relatives – 7 ways we can help?

**Post in Collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing**
Since visiting my Grandma recently and sharing a post about her which you can read here I have been thinking lots about how we can help elderly relatives. I guess a lot of this would also apply to friends and neighbours who are elderly too or maybe who struggle due to disabilities.

A piece of writing paper and a pen
Write them a letter – My Grandma loves getting a letter as it helps her feel as though she isn’t so alone and is still very much in touch with her family. It doesn’t have to be a particularly long letter just a card and a few lines can be enough to cheer someone up who doesn’t have many visitors. My Grandma loves getting photos too.
If shopping is a struggle for them help them to order it online and take that weekly stress away for them.
Do they pay more than they need to for utilities etc? Check out the comparison websites for them and ensure they are on the best tariff for their usage if they do not use the internet. That difference could make a huge difference to them financially.
Visit them and phone them as often as you can and encourage other to keep in touch with them too.
Help out with little jobs around the house if there are things they cant do like putting things in the loft or even changing light bulbs. My Grandma struggles to write much due to her eyes now and I have offered to help her do Christmas cards and letter writing in November/December time and she loved that idea.
Consider getting a telephone that only accepts known phone numbers if they do not want to keep receiving sales calls or worry they may fall victim to scams. Anyone can fall victim to these scams but so many scammers seem to target the elderly unfortunately.

If mobility is a struggle an they would like a mobility scooter help them to look at the different options. This infographic from Fenetic Mobility is a good place to start or pop over to see more information on their website to help chosing mobility scooters.
An infographic sharing the different types of mobility scooter available
**This post is in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing**

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