Vintage Apple Crates Review

When I came across an opportunity to review some vintage apple crates I was both excited and nervous! I love a challenge but was really undecided what to do with them. There are so many ideas online and I am so indecisive so I will share all my ideas with you and then what I settled on!

I received three apple crates (available here) similar to those pictured above, I forgot to take a proper photo of them before I started doing things with them so I have had to use a stock photo! My initial thoughts were of panic that I suddenly didn’t know what to do so I took to Pinterest and before long I had so many ideas!

As a wall shelf

I liked the idea of the crates fixed to the wall horizontally in a line to form a shelf above the bed or similar for some extra storage that would also be stylish. Whilst I was very keen on this idea I changed my mind because I know I would be constantly worried that I had not put them up well enough and they would fall on my head in my sleep! Whilst I still liked this idea we don’t really have another wall space that would be suitable for this.

As storage boxes

I did wonder about using these as storage boxes or placed on their side for shoes but they just didn’t look right for us anywhere in the house! I can imagine they would be perfect though in a long hall as a stylish and unique shoe rack.

In the garden

I had two different ideas of how I would use these in the garden, one way to use each crate separately as an individual planter. Whilst I liked this idea I was concerned I would need a liner for each crate and that then it would ruin the look. My other idea was to stack the three crates but at different angles (similar to above picture) so that I could put pots of different herbs in them and then flowing over the sides at each of the angles. I loved the look of this idea online but then the reality set in that I am terrible at gardening, I can cut the grass and weed but keeping plants alive is really not a skill I have! My cactus plant that didn’t even survive a month is testament to that!

As a freestanding shelf

This was my favourite idea! I loved the idea of stacking the three boxes up to make a freestanding unique and stylish shelf. After trying the look in various rooms of our house and not being keen I settled on the bathroom as the wooden crates really do go perfectly in a bathroom I think. We have not decided yet if we want to stain or paint them at all but I think we are likely to leave them as they are. Until we have decided that we have not put brackets on to put the crates together more permanently but there is no rush for that. I imagine with pets of small children it would be more important though to ensure that they don’t fall on top of and injure someone.

Where can you buy these?

The ones I was sent to review are from a lovely company called Vintage Apple Crates whos website is here. The actual crates I received are available here. They are £15.50 each however if you buy more the price goes down and they can be as little as £9.75 each! Delivery is included free. You can also read there blog for some inspiration of what you could do with them!

If you buy any I would love to hear of how you get on with them and what you do!

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