What we’re loving this week

So far this week has been pretty rubbish weather wise but good food always makes up for that doesn’t it so I thought I would share what we as a family are loving at the moment. It may give you some new ideas of things to buy or maybe just that you will think we have strange tastes!

Ben is loving these sausages we were sent to try. When we received them we had already meal planned so I popped them in the freezer! I was a bit unsure given the unique flavours whether Ben would like them but he loves them. It is nice to give him something a bit different and they look lovely. Stuart hasn’t tried any yet as most are 4 Syns each but we will definitely buy them again as its nice for Ben to have something different. The Chicken sundried tomato and basil chipolatas are only 1 syn each so Stuart is keen to try those!

We love these Benefit bars from Aldi, two are the healthy extra b choice on Slimming World. We all much prefer these to other brands as they seem more filling and chewy. If you haven’t tried them they are definitely worth a try! They are great for a low syn snack too.

We love these boxes of frozen fruit with yoghurt in the morning, it is extra nice with chopped apple in too. They are £1.99 in Morrisons and one of our favourite frozen fruits, we love the Aldi one too!

Appy Drinks company sent us some boxes of their tropical drinks pouches to try and they were a hit with Ben and my niece and nephew! Handy pouches that will be great on picnics as they will freeze and keep the picnic cool and then defrost nicely in time for lunch.

We are loving cantaloupe melons at the moment, they are the ones with an orange centre and very sweet taste. They are very much in season at the moment so around £1 in most places. I love melon because I know I never drink enough and it is so high in water that it hydrates me well too!

Grape-nuts are a healthy extra b choice on Slimming World and a really different choice if you are bored of cereal and cereal bars but want something to bulk up your breakfast! They are like a crumble so mixed with fruit and yoghurt they are lovely and well worth a try. At around £3.69 a box they are quite pricey however they do last a while with it being 40g for the healthy extra b choice and full of protein too.

This squash from Aldi is lovely, its a double concentrated one so lasts well and is so thirst quenching! I never drink as much water as I should but with this it makes it a little easier! Ben isn’t so keen on this one but loves the Strawberry and Apple one they do too.

 Ben is loving these Bernard Matthews Turkey Breast pieces! It is nice to give him a healthy snack that he loves in between meals that isn’t always fruit. They are great with a salad too and for £1 personally I think they are a pretty good buy!

These are my personal favourite yoghurts. They are vegetarian which is good as so many yoghurts aren’t and on Slimming World they are syn free. At £1 for a big pot they are very comparable with other brands and nice flavours. We buy these a lot as we can all enjoy them but as Stuart and Ben both like Muller Lights (they aren’t vegetarian!) which are on offer at the moment (10 for £3 in Morrisons) I get to enjoy these all to myself!

I don’t drink tea that often but when I do I love a good flavoured tea and this is my current favourite! It smells just like lemon meringue pie and tastes so refreshing! The strawberry one they make too is rather nice!

The Appy drinks and the Mor sausages were sent to us free of charge to try but I have included them in this round up as we have genuinely enjoyed them,

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