Heartier Meats Unboxing and initial thoughts

I have recently been sent a box of meat from the lovely guys at Heartier to review. The review with lots of photos will be posted in around a week or so however in the meantime as a little introduction to what they do here is my unboxing video and first thoughts.

Initial Thoughts

Without actually opening and cooking the items my first thoughts are that I like the way they are packaged so they take up little space and therefore ideal for freezing. The minimal packaging also means that they are very environmentally friendly which is a big tick for me too as I hate the amount of plastic and packaging we through away every day.
The meat quality looks good with the fat on the gammon easy to remove and the steaks and pork tenderloins look to be a good cut. Whilst the mince looks quite fatty I am assured it is 5% fat so we will see how it cooks and it could just be the way it is packaged looking that way.
The labelling of the products are clear and the dates are good. The only thing I would say is that the labels do not hold well when they get damp in the packaging with the ice blocks as you can see on the picture below. I have fed this back to the company though so this is something they may look into changing.
The parcel came well chilled and well packaged as planned the day after ordering with minimal packaging but enough to keep the products cool and protected.
I will share our thoughts on the meats when I have cooked them and Stuart and Ben have eaten them in a separate blog post to come!

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