Improving body confidence with clothes

When you have low body confidence the clothes you wear and how they feel can make all the difference! As someone who has been a size 30 and a size 6-8 and varying places in between I thought it would be good to share with you some of my tips of what you can change about your clothes to help you to feel better about yourself.

Jen with long dark hari worn down with a black strappy dress with added lace sleeves. Sorry i know this sounds strange but hard to describe!

Forget the size – I know that sounds crazy but it is only you that knows the size in the label! If you have to go up a size to get a better fit then so be it, all shops have a different take on sizes anyway and it is much better that it fits nicely than the label is right!

Accessorise – If you feel more confident in jewellery wear it, a gorgeous necklace can draw attention up from a large bust or belly if you are not keen on those!

Heels – I personally find that wearing heels gives me confidence and makes me feel so much better about myself, is this the case with you? Also heels make you a bit taller and encourage you to stand with a better posture which can take pounds away!
Find what works to hide the bits you don’t like – I hate my upper arms, my bingo wings, and I thought I would forever have to either learn to love them or choose clothes with that in mind to cover them up until I discovered Wingz which are an amazing creation! They are sleeves to add to sleeveless dresses or tops! The above photo is me in a black strappy dress with added black lace Wingz and the photo below is a white vest style top with added chiffon white Wingz. If you want to read a previous review of Wingz click here.

Wear make up if it helps you feel more confident – I find that when I wear make up it always improves my confidence in how I look and makes me feel better about the clothes I am wearing, maybe give it a try and see if it helps your confidence?
Perfume – If you are concerned about the way you look add some perfume, that can instantly lift your mood and make you feel better about yourself and also when people chat to you they will smell your lovely perfume too.

Wear your favourite colours – I always feel more confident when I am wearing something I love and my favourite colour always lifts my mood and confidence.
Take a friend shopping for clothes as a personal shopper – try new things and new looks and you may be surprised. I used to always wear dark clothes rarely wearing anything colourful but sometimes someone else suggesting you try something on a bit out of your comfort zone actually helps you find something you love!

Be you and remember that if you act confident you will come across as confident and then you will feel better about yourself!

I hope this has helped you with some ideas to improve your body confidence and please do comment if it has or if you have any other suggestions.
I have received both the above sets of Wingz in return for sharing their products with you but I wouldn’t tell you I loved them if I didn’t, I genuinely do think they are an amazing idea and well worth a look! They come in varying sizes too so whatever your dress size pop and have a look!

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  1. September 3, 2017 / 8:50 am

    This is a great post – being a Mum to 5 body confidence is something I lack in massively. Unless I am dressed in nothing but black! Black helps! lol x

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