My Top 10 Sweet Tooth Buys

I really do have a sweet tooth and would choose sweet over savoury every time I think, cake biscuits, chocolate, ice-cream I am really not fussy! I do however like my sweet fixes to be low in calories or low syn if you follow Slimming World like me. I thought I would share some of my favourites with you to hopefully give you some ideas of things you may not have tried yet! Just don’t all rush out to buy them at once or there wont be any left for me!

packaging from caramel rice snacks

Rice Cakes
I don’t mean the plain rice cakes, though some people might love those they really are not for me, I love the flavoured ones like Snack a Jacks. The big chocolate ones (3 syns) are lovely as are the big caramel ones (2.5 syns). However own brands are often different so worth watching out for and today in Sainsbury’s I spotted these (pictured above) and just had to try them! At 4.5 syns I thought they were a great choice and they are rather tasty!

Meringue Nests
Most are around 2.5 syns but it is well worth checking as they can vary a fair bit! I love these crumbled with sweetened quark and strawberries!

Whilst some yoghurts don’t really hit that sweet tooth I find that the Danone Light & Free Lavish Lemon flavour Yoghurt (comes in a 4 pack) really does hit that spot and taste like lemon cheesecake! They are syn free and whilst quite pricey at around £2.50 for a pack of 4 they are often on offers. Well worth trying in my opinion if you are a bit bored of the yoghurts you currently eat. They are vegetarian too which is great as so many syn free yoghurts aren’t which for a veggie like me is frustrating!

Choc Shot
If you haven’t tried this you really don’t know what you are missing, it is lovely drizzled over anything as like a chocolate sauce. Well when I say anything don’t put it on your curry and blame me! There are a few different flavours and sometimes Aldi stock it too which makes it a little cheaper!

Benefit Bars
These are a healthy extra B choice if you follow Slimming World but they are great as a snack too. I find they have seem more dense and filling than Alpen lights and they are considerably cheaper than they Hifi bars available at Slimming World Groups. They are 3 syns each and available in 3 flavours (two of which are pictured below). Available only in Aldi stores but worth a visit as you can get a pack of 5 for 79p!

Two boxes of Benefit bars (cereal bars) one chocolate and fudge flavour the other apple and sultana flavour

Carrot Cake
Ok so it isn’t quite the same as a full fat carrot cake but it isn’t far off at all! I have two different recipes on my website for carrot cake so if you love carrot cake like I do it is well worth giving them a try and see how you get on! One uses scan bran so is very low in syns and can be found here, the other is much more like a “normal” carrot cake but is a little higher in syns and can be found here.

Options Hot Chocolate
Whilst this is not actually something to eat a lovely mug of hot chocolate is sometimes all I need to fix my sweet tooth cravings, especially in the cold weather. Options is my favourite as it has so many lovely flavours including White chocolate which I love. Mixing Options with Quark or fat free fromage frais makes a lovely mousse type dessert too.

Filo Pastry
Whilst filo pastry isn’t sweet there are so many things you can put inside it so make little mini tartlets which makes for a yummy dessert for very few syns. I made Lime cheesecake style tartlets, they aren’t much like cheesecake really but the filling is very cheesecake like so that’s why I called them that! The recipe for them is here but I am sure you will have plenty of other ideas.

Crusha Milkshake Syrup
Whilst it isn’t a thick creamy milkshake you can use the no added sugar with your healthy extra a choice on Slimming World to make a low syn milkshake for as little as half a syn! Ben loves this and I used to drink it lots too, I really should start again as I could totally cope without my cheese if it meant I could have milkshake!

At just half a syn each these are amazing, and I love the bright colours too! At around £3 for a box of 24 they aren’t that cheap but they are delicious and hey you could eat the whole box if you wanted to! I have bought them in Morrisons but I believe they can also be bought in Tesco and Sainsbury’s! A picture of them is below so you know what you are looking for and just to make you jealous too!

Please remember syn values on Slimming World often change and to check these for yourself using the Slimming World website/app or asking your consultant.

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  1. September 18, 2017 / 5:34 am

    Hi….thank you I also have a mega sweet tooth!….loads of new things for me to try now…thank you xxx

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