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**This post contains affiliate links**I know I am not alone in loving using the slow cooker for quickly preparing a meal in the morning ready for a hot meal for all the family later on. I have compiled a selection of great slow cooker recipes that are great on Slimming World and other healthy eating plans for you to try. Some of the recipes are mine and some are from other bloggers.

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Whilst some recipes are specifically designed for the slow cooker others are easy to adapt, for example a soup recipe could easily me made in the slow cooker and blitzed with a blender at the end! Here are a few ideas I hope you will love!

Sausage Casserole – This is great for all the family and so easy to do, depending on the sausages you use it can be Syn free on Slimming World.

Beef Goulash – Whilst this isn’t completely Slimming World friendly you could swap a few items like crème fraiche for fat free fromage frais, omitting the flour and using spray oil and it would I am sure be just as nice!

Winter Vegetable Casserole – This has lots of speed vegetables in if you follow Slimming World so great for losses and full of flavour too and Syn free!

Smokey Gammon Stew – Syn free on Slimming World and I can imagine it would be popular with the whole family!

Five Bean Chilli – I love the sound of this and will be making it this week!

Bolognese – Whilst this isn’t a slow cooker recipe, many people cook Bolognese in the slow cooker and I have done before (though not this particular recipe) and it is just as nice and then ready to boil some spaghetti when you get in!

Roast Chicken – If you haven’t roasted a chicken in your slow cooker you really don’t know what you are missing it is so easy! If you follow Slimming World just remember to remove the skin so it is syn free!

Mushy Pea Curry – Even if you don’t like mushy peas this is one you really should try! I hate mushy peas but love this.

Chicken Curry – This is very low syn and much healthier than a take away!

Jacket Potatoes – How easy is this, use spray oil instead of olive oil and you have hot potatoes when you get in after a long day!

Beef or Quorn Keema Curry – not only yummy but makes the house smell delicious too!

Pulled Pork –  We make this a lot and I never do the step of making the sauce in the pan first, I just pop it all in the slow cooker and hey presto!

Chicken Tikka Masala – By using Fat free natural yoghurt and stirring this in before serving this can be made in the slow cooker very easily. Another curry for a winter night!

BBQ Chicken – You wouldn’t even know this was a Slimming World meal it is so easy but full of taste! To make it vegetarian use Quorn chicken pieces and Hendersons Relish instead of Worcestershire sauce.

Middle Eastern Casserole – Very tasty and a hit with all the family as a good flavour without being too strong.

Aromatic Beef Curry – I love the sound of this and think I might try it with Quorn Steak strips for mine and Beef for Stuarts (We have 2 slow cookers!), it can be cooked on the hob or for 6-8hrs in a slow cooker! Easy peasy!

Please remember to pin these recipes on Pinterest if you like them and share this post with your friends, family or anyone you know in any Slimming World groups!

Huge Thanks to Kate from the amazing blog Modern Mum Blog for the lovely slow cooker picture, she has a gorgeous kitchen!


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    I've just added several of these to my meal plan for next week. Thanks for some fantastic ideas.

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    Lots of healthy treats in store for our family thanks for all the recommendations
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