The Snowman Tour – A Perfect Pre-Christmas Family Show

We have been lucky enough to have been given some tickets to see the magical Snowman Christmas show in early December. I am not ashamed to say that I am so excited! The Snowman just has to be my favourite ever Christmas film and the idea of seeing this show with a live orchestra just sounds amazing! Do you watch it as a family at Christmas? Maybe this would be a perfect family show in the lead up to Christmas?

original painting of the snowman hugging the boy
© Snowman Enterprises Limited

I know what you are thinking… is too early to think about Christmas! It really isn’t though, because like the most wanted toys sell out every year if you don’t buy them quickly, tickets to something amazing like this is sure to sell out quickly too! If it does you will be smiling as you hear the walking in the air music at home on the TV rather than played by a fabulous Orchestra!

This show by Carrot Productions is not just any little show, the orchestra is made up of some of the top musicians in the country such as The Hallé and the BBC Philharmonic. I have never heard a top orchestra such as this playing live let alone such amazing music so I really am so excited.

I guess this isn’t a show for everybody though, I mean there must be some people out there who really don’t like The Snowman story or who hate Christmas, if you are one of them though I must ask what are you thinking? In my eyes The Snowman really is the most iconic Christmas film ever and really does bring out the true magic of Christmas.

audience watching the snowman film on a large screen in the cathedral with a large orchestra playing in front of the screen
Photography © Tom Bangbala

It seems nowadays children spend so much time on games consoles and watching TV that there is such little quality family time and in the lead up to Christmas I personally think this is one time everyone wants to have more time with their loved ones and feeling all festive so I think this is one of those perfect outings to do that, obviously the children will behave well knowing Santa is watching and has spies at the show! Much more of a family event than queuing for hours to see the man in red anyway, and far less stressful!

When I become a Grandma (hopefully a long time away!!) this is the kind of thing I can imagine taking my extended family all to see near Christmas, that’s the kind of grandparent I can imagine being anyway, it is such a timeless film isn’t it, however much technology advances this will always symbolise Christmas to me!

The Snowman isn’t all you get to see on the night itself, however the additional film varies between locations, it could be the Nutcracker, the Bear and the Piano or Cinderella, check the tour dates for more information! Do you wonder what it will be like seeing this show in reality? Would you like a little teaser? Here is a promotional video they made to give you an idea of what it is like.

I don’t know about you but hearing that song and seeing that video made me feel all Christmassy and like a child again. What do you think when you hear “walking in the air”? Is this the song that most reminds you of Christmas or is there another?
If you would like to book to see The Snowman with live Orchestra yourself then it really is easy the tour dates are available here, then contact your chosen venue to book tickets, don’t leave it too late though and end up disappointed watching it on TV wishing you had been more organised!
Whilst I have been given tickets to this show in return for sharing it with my readers and also writing a review after we have been the views above are my own and I only share things with my readers that genuinely do interest me or I think would interest my readers. I love Christmas and I am sure over the coming months you will see how much!

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