7 Must have apps for weight loss and healthy eating

With most people having a smartphone nowadays I thought I would do a little roundup of some apps that can help with your weight loss journey and healthy eating regime. Here are my favourites, all available on Android, what are yours?

Body Measurement, Body Fat and Weight Loss Tracker.
At the moment I have decided in my journey back to target to not know my weight each week and just monitor my measurements and decide where I feel comfortable based on that and my clothes sizes. This app is perfect for that.

This simple app is great if you run or walk and helps you see how far you go, the pace you are doing and thus monitor your progress. You don’t have to be going far it is great even to just aim to walk a little quicker on the school run each day for example.

My Supermarket
Whilst this app isn’t directly linked to weight loss or healthy eating it does help you to ensure you can afford healthier choices by making sure you always buy them when they are at their cheapest.

Slimming World
For me this app is pretty essential as I follow Slimming World and with the app I can always check how many syns foods are. There are lots of recipes I like on their too so it is a helpful place to find a meal idea when you just don’t know what to make!

Water Time Pro
This app helps you keep hydrates by not only encouraging you to drink more water but also by recording tea and coffee and how they can dehydrate you. I know I never drink enough water so I am starting to use this app to remind me to drink more. I will set the alarms using it and I am determined to drink as much as I should and not survive on one or two drinks a day!

Monitor Your Weight
A really simple app that keeps track of your weight showing you in a graph how you are doing and this was one that through my original weight loss journey I updated weekly and loved seeing go down.

Facebook or other Social Media

Ok, this probably sounds silly but help from friends is often underrated but if you are well supported this will help you go far. Also take time to relax and enjoy time not just thinking about your weight loss too.

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