9 Ways to make Vegetables Fun and Tastier!

So many people who follow healthy eating plans such as Slimming World struggle to get their whole family eating the same meals as them because members of the family, particularly young children, do not like many vegetables. Adults can also get bored of the same vegetables and lose interest easily so I thought I would share some hints and tips of how to make your vegetables more interesting.

Spiralise them
Instead of normal pasta try courgette, butternut squash or carrot, you might love it or you might not but if you don’t try you wont know! I love butternut squash spiralised and raw in a salad! Most supermarkets have a variety of spiralised vegetables now so you don’t necessarily have to do it yourself at home!

Roast them
Have you tried roasted beetroot? It tastes so different from pickled beetroot and is lovely sprinkled with a little paprika! Other vegetables can taste so different roasted too. Try half a red onion roasted with rosemary and roast potatoes, absolutely delicious!

Mash them
You don’t just have to mash potatoes, other vegetables like swede, carrot, parsnip and butternut squash can be lovely mashed too. If you are not sure try just adding a little to your normal mashed potato and see what you think.

Chip them
Potatoes aren’t the only vegetable you can make into chips, swede, parsnip and carrot all make lovely chips but my favourite are definitely butternut squash. Butternut squash chips are not as crispy but they are yummy all the same! Sainsbury sells butternut squash waffles if you want to buy something ready made!

Add a Sauce
Once you pour a sauce over vegetables they taste so different. How about making a gravy or a tomato based sauce? Some of our favourites are Mediterranean Vegetables in a Balsamic Tomato Sauce and Onion Gravy.

Make the Vegetables into a Sauce
Instead of eating the vegetables whole how about making them into a sauce or a soup. The onion gravy I make (recipe here) is full of onions yet a child having it on sausage and mash wouldn’t necessarily know that! I also love making a BBQ Sauce that is full of vegetables too, the recipe I make (here) is for a chunky sauce but there is nothing stopping you from blending it down if you prefer. Blending the vegetables in passata with herbs helps too as this can make a Bolognese type sauce that fussy eaters or children wont know is full of vegetables and vitamins!

Stir fry them
Some vegetables taste so different stir fried and putting lots of vegetables in a stir fry can really be an easy way to get lots of vegetables into a meal. Ben used to love making “Rainbow Stir Fry” which essentially was a stir fry where he put lots of different colours of the rainbow into it. He enjoyed that he could cut his vegetables into the shapes and sizes he wanted and it made him so much more likely to eat it! If you are looking for an easy stir fry sauce try adding some diet orangeade and a little passata to make a sweet and sour sauce, just cook the vegetables in that for about ten minutes and you have vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce!

Cauliflower Rice
Some people say they really don’t like this which of course is fine, but how about mixing it half and half with your normal rice and trying that? I make a lovely cauliflower Pilau rice which is all vegetables but so tasty. It could be made using normal rice if you preferred too and still adds a few extra vegetables. The recipe for my Cauliflower Pilau Rice is here.

However you make your vegetables more fun you can always add flavours to give them a different taste, we often use the Schwartz seasonings but many supermarkets do their own. Adding a fajita seasoning to vegetables for example can give them a totally different taste in a really easy sprinkle!

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