Jingle Mingle – My First Blogging Event

This week I went to my first ever blogger networking type event. The Jingle Mingle was organised by Prezzy Box (The online gift store) and Talk Becky Talk (A very successful Vlogger). It was held at Baresca in Nottingham and also there was The Perfume Studio. I was so nervous but thought I would write a little about it and share with you guys what it was all about!

Itinery for jingle mingle blogging event

My thoughts before the event

I really didn’t know what to expect other than the itinery and the location being a bar/restaurant I was really unsure. There are some huge blogging events but most are in London, a good excuse really for a more Northern girl like me to avoid going and I can pretend it isn’t just that I am not really that confident at talking to new people! Whilst I love my blog and what I have created and achieved I equally really struggle to own my brand as such and to talk about it. This is something I need to get better at though so when the Jingle Mingle event was publicised I knew I just had to go being only about half an hour or so away from me! I have ordered gifts previously from Prezzy Box and been in touch with them to collaborate on gift guides for Just Average Jen (coming soon!) so knew they were a fun company but I was still worried they would all be so formal and I would be too shy to talk to anyone!

Here is a video that Prezzy Box made of the event to give you an idea of what it was like!

The reality, what was the event like?

On arrival we received a glass of prosecco and name tag, everyone was smiling and friendly and I knew it would be ok! Whilst I was nervous I completely through myself into it, I chatted to everyone I could I tried my best to be confident and mingle. It was so much more relaxed than my head had worked it up to be and everyone was so lovely. I met so many fellow bloggers who were all really nice and whilst some had been to events like this before, many hadn’t so I didn’t feel like such a newbie!

Prior to the event I had heard of the lovely Becky from Talk Becky Talk and her YouTube channel but in all honesty I didn’t know what to expect. She is a full time vlogger with a huge following and so beautiful and talented I did worry that she would be a bit unapproachable and a bit of a mini celebrity type person who loves themselves and doesn’t really have time for anyone. I apologise if any celebrities are reading this and are not like that!! I have to say though my worries were totally unfounded Becky was lovely and really chatty. Becky shared with us her tips and experiences of vlogging and blogging with both her successes and failures throughout her 7 years of Talk Becky Talk and her knowledge was amazing. I cant speak for anyone else there but for me it gave me so much to think about and ideas for the future! Fran from Prezzy Box was also part of this panel talk, she shared from a brands point of view what it is brands look for when working with bloggers and vloggers. Some of the things she said I had already been aware of but there were some great insights too that I had not thought about previously.

A homemade red spotty bow with paper scissors and tape in background

There was a gift wrapping workshop run by the lovely Carolyn from Prezzy Box who shared some wrapping tips which included how to make some beautiful bows like the one above. I have to admit I am not a crafty person and I did find it rather tricky at times but I enjoyed it lots and sitting with other bloggers around the table chatting about our blogs and our lack of ability in bending the paper the right way and losing the scissors was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I possibly became memorable by being the longest person sat at the table as the double sided tape didn’t seem to like staying stuck for me but in the end I did it and made it home with the bows still intact!

Two people making perfumes with lots of little bottles and droppers.

With the Perfume Studio we were all able to design our own perfume. There were around 20 different scents and with the expert advice of The Perfume Studio we learnt how to build our own scent and then name it. The code for the unique perfume you make is stored for you by The Perfume Studio so that you can order it any time in the future. I absolutely loved this part of the evening and on discovering that they also run workshops like this for parties I thought this sounded amazing! Obviously not for everyone but as an alternative they do gift sets so you can design your own perfume. I cant believe I have never seen this but I absolutely love the idea and after chatting to the lovely guys at The Perfume Studio I will have a giveaway for you of one of these sets very soon! If you don’t want to miss it keep checking back on my website or subscribe to my emails! If you want to order your own set pop to see their home selection here and if you use the code JINGLEMINGLE before 25th November you can get yourself a 10% discount!

At the end we all received a goody bag with some lovely little gifts from Prezzy Box and we all had a small bottle of our own perfume to take home so with that, the nibbles and prosecco we were well and truly spoilt! I have no idea if all blogging events are this fun but I truly loved this one!

close up photo of perfume being dropped into a bottle

My overall thoughts

I absolutely loved the event and I cant wait to attend more blogger events whether they are smaller ones like this or the huge national events. I hope more brands look at coming to the Midlands for events like these because not all bloggers are based near London! I feel a lot more confident now at chatting with other bloggers in person at events and with brands too. I hope that by being chatty with everyone and meeting the Prezzy Box and The Perfume Studio teams I will have helped to build a working relationship and be able to collaborate with them on various campaigns and projects in the future. I would love to keep in touch with Becky too and I hope to see her and the other bloggers and vloggers I met at future events too!

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