Keeping Motivated During Weight Loss with Motivacelet

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One question I am often asked is for suggestions of how to stay motivated during a weight loss journey, well this is an idea I think you will love! Something you can wear and see your progress every day whether you are shopping, eating out or feeling depressed that reminder will help you how well you are doing.

poster for motivacelet

It is a unique bracelet that records your weight loss with different charms for pounds, half stone and stones so you can count every little bit. I love the idea that it is there on your wrist whenever you reach for your purse to buy something you see your progress there. For me I know this would be a little reminder discretely that I don’t need to buy the cake or chocolate.

boxed motivacelet bracelet

I love that it is pretty as well as simple so it really would be a lovely gift too if you have a friend who is losing weight and would love something like this. The weight charms can be bought separately so you could buy a basic bracelet with charms up to their weight loss so far and they can add to it in the future easily. Better still is that I have got you guys a discount on them too! Who doesn’t love a discount!

Whilst other ideas like moving marbles between jars can be great for seeing your progress there is something unique I think about having it on you wherever you go and to me that is what makes the Motivacelet so special.

Motivacelet bracelet

I am loving the idea of a wearable record of how far you have come and so surprised that I have never seen anything like this before! Just imagine if even if you lose weight slowly and it seems ages between certificates you still have your own reward for every little bit you lose and are so much less likely to lose motivation.

What do you do to record your weight loss? Do you have anything like this? What weight loss would you be putting on it? Which kind of circumstances could you imagine they would help you? Please do leave a comment below and let me know I love to hear about how other people find different times difficult and how they overcome them. Everyone trying to lose weight is in the same boat really after all!

If you want to own your own Motivacelet pop over to and have a look at them. Don’t forget at check out if you add the code JAJ17 you will get a 5% discount too! I also get a small amount of commission if you buy through this code so I would love it if you remember to use the code too. I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t already think was great though so really it is win win!

**This is a Sponsored Post**

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