My Birthday Meal and Night Out

Last week was my birthday, 21 and a little bit of interest, ok a lot of interest! Ok so I was 37, I feel old on one hand and young on the other, is it really over 20 years since I left school? It isn’t often that I do anything much for my birthday and the last two years I have actually been on holiday on my birthday so this year was very different. Two nights out in a row, but very different nights out to celebrate getting older! So what did I do….

I had cake! I know you are probably all looking at the picture above of me with a vanilla slice as big as my head and thinking wow she is greedy. Well you would be right! I went out for a meal with my family, my mum, dad (my stepdad but he is like my dad, so don’t mistake him for the waste of space who I share genes with who I have written about before!), sister and her two children, my brother, his fiancĂ© and her daughter and of course Stuart and Ben. We went to Kings Mill Farm, a local pub restaurant which is part of the Farmhouse Inns group. They have a menu similar to that of most similar pub/restaurants but also a carvery which has a huge choice of vegetables so there is a choice to stay on plan. They do however also do cakes, and by cakes I mean huge cakes. The cakes are all massive portions and they do offer boxes so you can take what you don’t eat home. My dessert was not that dissimilar in size to everyone else’s choices. It is totally not the kind of place to go if you are aiming to lose weight!

Mars attack cake, phone is an iPhone 6s plus left in to show how big cake is! Easily bigger than that!

However this was my birthday family meal out and I was going to enjoy it, so I did! I had a lovely carvery with a gorgeous vegetarian choice of goats cheese and roasted beetroot tart (again not very Slimming World friendly!) followed by half this sugar filled beauty. I ate the rest the following day on my actual birthday. I only have one birthday a year though so I was happy to enjoy it!

For my birthday I went out to the Big Bingo Bash event at Mecca Bingo in Beeston, Nottingham. I had been offered tickets to go and see what I thought through my blog so as I have never been to bingo before I thought it would be fun. We were given free tickets, food and drinks as part of the visit (blogger privileges!) and the night was a bit different to a normal bingo night so I was really unsure what to expect. There were 8 of us that went, myself, Stuart, my mum, my sister Jo, Clare, Julie, Joanne, and Tracy.

The above photo is me and my sister Jo, we don’t have many photos together so it was nice to get one. Behind us you can see the stage, the Big Bingo Bash involved a variety of bingo related games as well as traditional bingo. The stage had entertainment between games and some interactive games for the winners of each part of the night.

We all ordered food to enjoy before the games started and were glad we had ordered when we did as one of the games involved giant balloons being thrown around the room! I was surprised at the variety of food offered on the menu as I hadn’t considered that there would be much food on offer at Bingo as I have never been before. They even did desserts, of course we had to check if they were up to scratch and ordered those too! The ice cream sundae I had was lovely!

Whilst this was not a standard bingo night it was totally different to how I had imagined and a genuinely fun night out. I had imagined that most people would be older women in their 60s maybe and that it would be a quite dull room and not much fun. I was so pleasantly surprised as was my friend Julie who had never been to bingo before either. We both said how it was so nice inside and such a fun night that we would love to do again!

Between all 8 of us all we won were two large Big Bingo Bash mugs! It didn’t matter though as it was such a fantastic night! If you haven’t been to bingo because like me you thought it wasn’t really for you and would be full of older women and a bit dull and dreary inside then you really should give it a go. I have no idea what other bingo halls are like but this was Mecca at Beeston in Nottingham and it was great. The others who came who had ben to bingo before didn’t seem surprised by it so I am guessing most places are similar, Mecca ones anyway, and I cant wait to go back again!
We all had a great evening, overall I enjoyed my whole weekend thoroughly though I definitely consumed far too many syns, calories or whatever you want to refer to them as! It was worth it though because I only have a birthday once a year and don’t often go out for the night really!
Thank you to Mecca Beeston for giving me the tickets for us all to go and the drinks and food vouchers, we had a great night and would have loved it without those and my views would have been the same but getting those too just made it all the better! Whilst I appreciate bingo is a form of gambling, for us it was a fun night out and even if we had paid I would consider it no different to paying entry into a night club for example. Please remember if you do go though to gamble responsibly, so don’t spend more than you can afford and don’t get so drunk you don’t know what you are spending!

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