Zu3D Animation Kit – A Review

Ben was delighted when we were asked to try out and review the Zu3D animation kit. Zu3D is a complete stop-motion animation kit for Windows PCs, Apple Mac OS x, and iPad IOS. Everything you need is in the box to make your own animation. So, we gave it a go and share our thoughts.

What does the kit include?
The Zu3D Animation kit really is a complete kit, it includes a CD-ROM to install the program onto a Windows or Mac PC though it can be downloaded if you prefer. It also includes the code to download the program for IOS so you have two options included in the price which already impressed me before we even tried the program out! So many manufacturers would charge you again if you wanted it for both! The licenses don’t expire either so if you only have an iPad now but may have a PC in the future you will still be able to install it then!

The kit also includes 8 strips of modelling clay, a green cloth so you can make your own mini green screen, a cardboard background which is reversible, one side is a kind of spooky night background, the other a jungle, also included is a high quality web cam which has a stand to make filming so much easier. All of this alongside a comprehensive but easy to understand handbook for £49.95 on their website here. I must say it seemed a bargain but obviously whether it is as good as it sounds we went on to find out!

Is the kit easy to understand?
The instructions are laid out very well, they are in the form of pictures and words so easy for people of all ages to understand. The instructions take you through each step of making an animation and the different options available to you during that step. The instructions show the screens of the program and exactly what you need to click to complete that task. An example is when you use the green screen it shows you clearly how to change the background to one of your own or one of the preloaded ones of the program.

Was the program itself easy to use?
Yes, most definitely, with the instructions it was really straight forward to use the program on the iPad. Whilst I have not used to PC version of the program it appears to be the same so I am pretty sure that it would be just as easy to use. Ben took a while to grasp what each instruction was asking however he soon did understand and we worked through the instructions together!

Is the Zu3D Animation kit fun?
It sure is! The kit is definitely not something that you can do in a day and especially if you have a child like Ben who has huge ideas of animations they could make. The time involved to make even a few seconds of animation is huge because of all the options available to you. The ideas Ben has for animations would result in the final film being a good three or four hours long. He has such vast ideas which involve using strings to make characters fly and various different backgrounds etc. To be honest the ideas Ben has would I am sure take years of work for Disney let alone me and Ben! We have really enjoyed spending time doing it though and unfortunately due to his ideas and the constant changing of ideas I don’t have a final animation to show you. I wouldn’t want to do the kit an injustice and rush an animation just to share with you guys and insist Ben limits his imagination so I can share it with you.

Is it good value for money? Would we recommend it?
We would most definitely recommend it. It is ideal for children with vast ideas and imagination to work on their own project and at less than £50 it is a present that will really provide hours and hours of fun which sadly nowadays so many presents don’t do they! In my opinion unless a child has a lot of patience I wouldn’t recommend it under the age of 11/12 as I think it would be easy to get frustrated when their little movie isn’t done in minutes! Definitely one for kids who like a project and would spend hours after hours doing this in the school holidays!

If you would like to buy one for yourself even if you have to pretend it is for a child you would love it and have great fun. The website for Zu3D is here https://zu3d.com/ be sure to share with me how you get on and if like mine yours have ambitions to create entire film trilogies!

We were sent the Zu3D Animation Kit in exchange for an honest review of our experiences with it. All the views above are my own and those of Ben, I would never give a company a positive review if I didn’t like their product!

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