10 Reasons why you should holiday in Majorca

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We have recently been on holiday again to Majorca and we absolutely love it there yet I know many people have never been and are not sure what it has to offer. Without reading huge guides or searching the web for hours I thought I would share with you the 10 reasons that our little family love to go to Majorca for holidays!

A sunny beach view showing blue sea and sand with people swimming at Santa Ponca

1. From the UK it is only around a 2 hour 20 minutes flight so it isn’t too long to sit bored on a plane or entertain kids who just want to run around!

2. The weather is so much better than the UK with temperatures of 28’c even towards the end of September!

3. There is such a mixture of things to do with beaches and culture aplenty you can really do so much whilst enjoying the Mediterranean heat so you will never be bored.

4. If you go to a popular resort you do not need to know any Spanish and the people are so friendly and have such good English you never need to worry. Though if like me you are vegetarian or have a specific dietary requirement it may be handy to find out the Spanish for that so you can be sure they know what you are asking!

5. They use Euros so it is pretty straight forward to get the right currency and know how much things are without spending half the holiday confused about how much you need to be taking out.

6. The beaches, what can I say they are so lovely and warm with smooth sand and all the main beaches in resorts have sunbeds you can hire if that is your thing and such clear water to paddle in.

7. It really is a tourist destination with so many different hotels and apartments it is easy to find something to meet your needs without breaking the bank! We have found places easily that have space for Ben’s wheelchair when he has needed it and most places we have seen have been very accessible.

8. The food is great I know this sounds silly because sometimes you want to have local food and try something new but equally sometimes you want to just eat something that you know you like, especially with children who have had a busy day at the beach and just want a pizza or chicken nuggets!

9. The public transport is brilliant. We have stayed in Palma Nova/Magaluf and also in Santa Ponsa and the public transport from those to other areas including the capital Palma. Buses are very frequent and reasonably priced so you have lots of options and if you chose to stay in one resort there is nothing stopping you visiting other areas. All these buses mean you don’t feel you have to hire a car if driving on the other side of the road scares you a little like it does me!

10. Everywhere is so clean and tidy. I have now been to Majorca three times and from the minute we leave the airport until we have to go back to the airport to go home I have never seen vast amounts of litter everywhere like there often is in the UK. Everywhere is so clean and welcoming with signs easy to understand so it makes for a relaxing holiday.

If this has tempted you to look into a holiday for next year in Majorca then the holidaygems.co.uk website has lots to chose from at really great competitive prices.

**This is a Sponsored Post**

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