15 Great Advent Calendar Ideas You May Have Missed

Advent Calendars don’t have to be the simple chocolate shape type and neither do they have to be the expensive Champagne and Whiskey ones. There are some amazing Advent Calendars out there you may have missed so I thought I would share my favourites with you!

What are your favourite Advent memories as a child? Mine certainly aren’t chocolate, I remember finding a note in my boxes Advent Calendar saying we would go and see the Christmas lights being switched on that night for example. There are so many options now out there you can really buy or make whatever you fancy! I have even seen adult toy ones available, but don’t worry I am not sharing those with you!

This 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar from Mad Beauty has little bottles of body lotion, body wash, lip balm, hand cream, etc. It is an ideal advent for a young lady who feels too old for children’s advent calendars but equally isn’t really old enough for the more expensive beauty calendars available. It is £10.99 and available from Find me a Gift here. *

This gorgeous Advent Peg set is perfect for leaving your own little messages, love notes or gifts every day throughout advent. I love how simple it is yet how versatile as there is no stressing trying to squeeze a gift into boxes! For just £6.49 it is a bargain too and available here.*


Love Champagne and white chocolate? This is the perfect Advent Calendar for you! With 25 days of champagne truffles for £15 it is a great choice of Advent Calendar. Available at Debenhams for £15 here.


If you love to cook or love a spicy meal or two then this is the Advent Calendar for you! The Big Chilli Advent Calendar from Sous Chef has 24 different envelopes containing different chillies, chilli flakes, chilli powders etc. This it not an Advent Calendar for the feint hearted as there are some truly spicy chillies in there that will blow you away. They aren’t all too hot though and I am assured some are mild. Personally I am too much of a wimp for chilli but Stuart will love it! At £35 it isn’t as cheap as some other options but it is all ingredients you will use and the guide means that you will use each to the best of your ability to really discover the tastes! It is available from Sous Chef here.*


How about this lovely house style Advent Calendar. Not only is it good value at £16.99 but you are helping a charity too as it is sold by Cancer Research UK. It may be available in some of their shops subject to availability but also available online on their website here.*

The Doodle stocking Advent Calendar bunting is a great room decoration and Advent Calendar all in one with only a tiny space for gifts it is ideal for candy canes and looks fabulous in the lead up to Christmas. It is available form Prezzy Box and was £22 but now is just £14.99 and available here.


This Good Elf Advent Calendar is a wonderful idea for children who you don’t want to buy chocolate for and feel they need to remember to keep their behaviour up! Whilst counting down the sleeps until Christmas it also rewards good behaviour and encourages to think of things they have done well every day! With an elf toy to keep I think it is great at just £12.99 and perfect for children over 3.*

This Mad Beauty Advent Calendar is more of a make up based one than the 12 days of Christmas one I shared further up the page. This one is identical to another one on their site which is a gold colour box. Both contain lipsticks, lip gloss, blusher, nail polish, lip liner and powder. This is available for £16.99 in this design here.*


This gorgeous Mazet de Montargis Praline Advent Calendar is one for the sweet lover who wants something a bit more special. Mazet is a luxury French confectioner and this selection of sweets from candied almonds to jellies is really designed to showcase the luxury sweets they make. It is more expensive than most sweet type advent calendars but for a luxury product like this you really will get what you pay for. Unique and beautiful it is available from Sous Chef at £19.95 here.*


If you are looking for an Advent calendar for the scrooge of your house who hates Christmas then this is absolutely perfect. It is full of little pastries that are like fortune cookies but misfortune ones with bad jokes and anti advent messages! Perfect to get those scrooges moaning some more before the big day! It is from Prezzy box and costs £27.99 and is available here.


This lovely Nativity scene Advent calendar and smaller Advent Card are much more traditional and perfect for those not wanting to have any gift and just to count down to Christmas day. Each window has a biblical quotation on the large calendar too which is a lovely addition. Made in the UK it was created from an original embroidery so it really is something unique and special. They are available from Swiss Kiss and all Christmas products are sold in support of Dementia UK. The large calendar is £6.50 and available here and the smaller card version is just £3.50 and available here.*

This pork scratching Advent Calendar is a great one for someone who wants a little bit of food every day in their calendar but not chocolate! Unique and fun it really is something different to try this year! It is available from Prezzy Box for £17.99 and can be bought here.


If you want to count down to Christmas without a gift or any religious connotations then this is a lovely simple but effective Advent Calendar. By opening each day you gradually decorate the tree with decorations and presents underneath. It is available from The Printed Peanut for just £6.50 and available here.*


This Wooden Trio of Gift Boxes Advent Calendar is a little more expensive than some others but is something you will use year on year and it also becomes a like a Christmas ornament standing beautifully in the room under the tree or on the fireplace. The little drawers are a lovely size to hold a chocolate or even a small ring box! It is available for £36.95 from Melody Maison here.*

I love the idea for young children especially of a book Advent Calendar. This one was brought by an elf for the children of another blogger Stacey and I think its a fantastic idea. It is often easy to buy cheap good condition books at charity shops so it doesn’t have to cost much at all.

Or how about you don’t receive but you give this year?

A reverse Advent Calendar, like the one pictures above by Carol is where every day throughout Advent you put an item into a box to give to the local food bank or a local homeless charity for example. I absolutely love this idea. Or maybe collecting items for a refuge?

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Items Marked with a * I received free of charge for the purpose of this guide.

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