Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips From The Bloggers

I am not a big fan of wrapping Christmas presents and I always seem to do a pretty rubbish job so I decided to ask a group of bloggers their advice. I am sure everyone out there does a better job than me and got some great tips so thought I would share them for anyone else like me who just hates wrapping!

Wrapping items (scissors, tape, ribbon, paper, bow) on a white background with gold stars on

“Pretty patterned tape or washi tape can make all the difference, it’s not as much of a faff as ribbons but it gives the gifts a lit something extra.” says Niki

“Pay my mum in drink to do it 🙂
Alternatively, Then I use patterned circle sticky tabs so I don’t need to faff finding the end of the roll (as that is a pain!) I also try to find a pretty box for awkward shapes.” says Jaymee

“Brown paper and some pretty string. Looks fancy but it’s sturdy and ideal for those stupidly shaped presents.” says Cat

“Do it yourself because otherwise you won’t be happy with the outcome! Also print off Sticky labels saying With love from and your family then just stick them on and write on the first name, that saved us hours of writing last year.” says Cheryl

“Make sure you don’t wrap them too well if they are for children as they can struggle to get in them” says Charlotte.

“Don’t leave it late! Do it in stages or earlier in December or it’ll just be something else for you to worry about and fret over close to Christmas.” says Jemma

“Use fabric swatches and ribbon so it can be used year after year and is ever so forgiving when it comes to enveloping oddly shaped presents.” says Hollie

“Careful of glitter wrapping paper. Your floor ends up looking like santas grotto!” says Sara

“My top tip is to pay someone else to do it. Teens are fab for this and have far more patience than I do!” says Samantha

Give each child a different wrapping paper so it’s easier to sort for ‘Santa’ on Christmas Eve night” says Sarah

“Get a tape dispenser! So much easier. I only got one last year and before used to bite the sellotape with teeth and get frustrated every year!!” says Victoria

“Use those sellotape bracelets that you pull off little bits of tape at a time, they are marvellous and I couldn’t do Christmas without them!” says Nikki

“Put awkward shaped items in a box to make them easier to wrap” say Sophie and Natalie

“A snowball , Christmas songs, Christmas hat and crack on” says Joanna.

“Better quality wrap is never money wasted. It doesn’t rip easily, it folds better, it makes your presents look much posher than they really are!” says Jenny

“Use a sharpie to write just the name on the wrapping instead of messages on every single little tag. I have 4 kids to wrap for, don’t judge me” says Sherrie

“Ok so this is a little left field but my family don’t generally wrap presents. We use gift bags that are recycled each year. For the kids I do wrap things in tissue paper so they have something to ‘unwrap’ but keeping things neat isn’t such a problem!” says Laura – I like this idea!

“Use tin foil!!! I hate to admit it but this was my husbands idea when we ran out of wrapping paper and it actually works amazingly well!” says Karen

“I’m our house wrapper. Every one else hates doing it and I love it. The key to a good wrap is not using too much paper for the present and keeping crisp edges, especially on box-shaped items. Also, ribbons and bows are lovely but mostly unnecessary on kids prezzies.” Says Leigh

“Use the ironing board to wrap presents on” say both Natalie and Nickie

Has this given you some good ideas? It certainly has me! Have you got any other tips? If so do comment them below!

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  1. November 10, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    I love gift wrapping and always used to get asked to do the mother in law's present wrapping too, although now she does her own. Means I don't get to nosy at the presents anymore.

    I did do a post on tips for gift wrapping a while back, still relevant though.

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