Gifts for all the Family

Sometimes you don’t have the budget to buy gifts for everyone or you want to just buy something for the family to share! Here are some great ideas for family gifts.

What do you usually buy for a family gift? A tub of sweets from the supermarket, the same as last year? How about something different this year? Something all the family will enjoy? I have a selection here to suit all budgets.

This Smart Breakfast Maker is so cool, it makes toast and eggs at the same time! It does poached eggs too which are my favourites but I rarely have them so now I can! It is great for people like me who like more than one egg as it does up to 3 poached or 6 boiled eggs! It is available from Prezzy Box here at £59.95 which I think is pretty good as its easy to spend half that on just a toaster alone isn’t it!*

Are you buying for a chocolate loving family but thinking that just a normal box of chocolates is a bit boring? How about these lovely chocolate kits? The Organic Chocolate Start Kit makes 20 small bars for £12.99 here.* and the Pre Raw Chocolate Kit makes 20-25 small bars including goji berries and brazil nuts, it is £19.99 here.*

This fun Emoji light box is A4 size so perfect for around the home leaving fun or instructional notes for all the family. Do you know a fun family who this would be perfect for? Little messages can be written on it and changed constantly to make a fun present for adults and children alike. It is available from Get Gingersnap for £25 here.*

Do you want to buy matching gifts for a father and son? These lovely bow ties are just one of the designs by Men’s Finest and made by hand for around £49.99 each however you can call and discuss your requirements which is great if you are not entirely sure what you want! Pop over and check out their website here  for this design and the rest of their gorgeous range.*

Guylian now do these yummy big bag of chocolates*, perfect for a family gift that isn’t just another tin of chocolates! You could add a family DVD to this and make a lovely family movie pack so the family you are buying for can enjoy some quality family time together. A family movie Ben loves that we quite like too is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid set. Funny but also easy watching as an adult!

Do you know an arty family who would love these colourful refillable pens? They aren’t just pens though they are magnetic so you can build fun structures and have fun not just draw and colour! They are available directly from Magnetips here with this particular box selling for £39.99.*

Looking for a gift for a family who like trying different foods? This is a great choice at £9.93 and bound to be something they haven’t yet tried. A better choice than grabbing wine and chocolates from the supermarket and so easy to buy from Amazon here so a win win really!* (Affiliate Link)

How about a selection of family DVD’s? These Warner Bros ones are all great family films but there are so many you could chose from there is bound to be something perfect!

I love this game as a family game especially when there are young children to join in too. Think of it kind of like a balancing fun game that you could also play like Jenga! It is just £8.50, suitable for ages 3+ and available here.*

This WhotChilli card game is great for all the family, it includes different games so there are a few options of what to play as a family but all are fun and even involve using some maths so great games to play but encouraging kids learning at the same time! At £9.99 its a lovely family game set and you can buy them and see more about the games you can play with them here.*

These two animation kits from Zu3D are great fun for all the family but not something that is done and finished within a day. It is very much a family project that will last a while so worth getting for a family who love to work on things together. They are available from Zu3D direct at £49.95 here.*
You are probably looking at this thinking why would I buy someone cheese! This isn’t any cheese though this cheese from The Welsh Cheese Company who do a huge variety of cheese hampers, some including beer or wine! They also do cheese subscriptions so you can have cheese delivered directly to your door each month! If you are shopping for a cheese loving family then this is a great gift with prices from as low as £14.50 there is a great variety. Ben loved the Nettle Cheese (pictured above)*

How about a family board game like Monopoly? There are so many different versions now and this is Ben’s favourite because he loves WWE wrestling. It is a great family game and with so many versions there is something for everyone! This particular one is currently £27.41 at Amazon here. (Affiliate link)

Another fun family game is this Logo game, Ben loves it but most of them are a bit old for him to remember. Ben being Ben though likes to read up on them and try and learn them! This one is available on Amazon at £17.19 here. (Affiliate Link)

What about a weekend away? If you are wanting to spend a bit more then there are some lovely weekend midweek breaks you can book without spending a fortune. These Campervans above are a bit different to what you might imagine. The picture below shows the inside of one! You could book a nice family weekend away from £230. It is a bit more unique than a weekend at a holiday camp if you want to buy something different! They do Gift Vouchers too so you don’t need to book specific dates for the recipient and if you use the code JUSTAVERAGEJEN they will put you in a free bottle of local wine too!

Items marked with a * I was sent in return for inclusion in the gift guide.

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