Personalised Gift Ideas

Sometimes you just want a personalised gift for someone to make it extra special. I have got together a selection of gifts here that can be personalised for that special someone to make them just perfect. Not only that but they are really easy to order but look so thought out!

Obviously you can get these gifts personalised to suit your recipient but do double check how many letters each allow, especially if you have a long name or wish to include a middle or surname too!
This cute teddy bear says on its T-shirt “A bear is for life not just for Christmas” followed by your chosen name, this one I have had made for my niece Bella as I know she will love it! It is available from Giftpup at £14.99 along with lots of other cute teddies with various phrases here.*
A personalised mug for anyone? You really can not go wrong with something like that if they love a hot drink and this one is lovely. It would be ideal also in a Christmas Eve box for a nice warming drink before bed! Available for £14.50 from McLaggan this china mug is really good quality and one of many lovely designs they do. This particular design is available here.*

This apron is lovely and whilst personalised for mum from Ben it can be personalised with the names you choose. It is a good thick cotton so not flimsy and will last well I am sure. It is available from Giftpup and can even be personalised and sent within 48 hrs so good if you’ve left it a bit late for a gift! It is £17.99 and one of many lovely personalised aprons available here.*

What about a signed photo with a replica printed autograph? This Coutinho print made for Ben is personalised with Bens first and surname and his schools name, it would be just as good to have the town in that part however Ben preferred the school name there. These pictures are available from TOFFS from £19.99 here.*
How about a retro football shirt for their favourite team? This is a 1960’s Retro Mansfield Town Football Club shirt is available along with numerous other shirts from so many teams I couldn’t name from TOFFS who also do Rugby gifts. This particular shirt is available here for £37 but don’t let it put you off if they aren’t a fan of this team or if you have less to spend there are so many gifts you will be sure to find something on their website. Whilst we chose not to have this personalised they do offer personalisation on these.*
How cool is this Wise words for Ben book…. see below for another photo and more information!
Each page in the Wise Words book* can be personalised and they can be fun or more serious the choice really is yours! It is such a cool book for children of all ages and if you like this idea and want something equally cool for adults (or older children) there is The Book of Everyone. Both Books are available here. The Wise Words book like that above is £23.95 (paperback) and totally amazing!
How about this book called the treasure aimed at Children aged 9+……. see below for inside and more details!
This book is personalised with the child’s name, their friend (if you don’t chose this one will be chosen) and their home town. A story personalised for them in which they search for some ancient treasure! Available from Little Elephant books this is £19.99 and available here.*
I am loving this Disney Princess personalised mug, this has my name on but as you can see there is space for a longer name with no problem (up to 12 letters). Available from Prezzy Box it is just £9.99 so a lovely gift for a Disney Princess fan of any age whether they will drink milk or hot chocolate out of it! If you want to buy one it is available here.*
This book called My Golden Ticket is a story about the journey to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, it is so cool and there is a picture below to show some of the inside and then more information for you!
This is an amazing children’s book that is personalised not just with the name slotted into the same old story but a new idea entirely. Each name gets their own unique story with an adult of your choice featuring with them and their own unique candy, Oompa Loompa song, and Wonkafield family tree so no two adventures are ever the same! Also at check out you can add a postcard with a candy scent to just bring that story to life a bit more! If you want to order this book from Wonderbly pop over to their website here. This book is £19.99 or with the added candy scent is £21.99 and I know you will love it! I had this personalised for my Niece Aimee.*
How about some photo personalised kitchen items like these from Bags of Love? This is just a small selection of their photo personalised items. They are amazing quality and the website also tells you if your photos are not of good enough quality so you will never be disappointed when you receive your items. Teatowels such as this one are available from £14 here.* A set of 5 magnets like these are £19 and available here.* and this small chopping board is £20 and available here.*

How about a personalised book with your pets name in? This book from Petlandia is a story where your pet (or one you design) meets Grumpy cat and tries to make him smile! This is a funny book that would be a funny gift for any age really but more for children I guess. Percy is my son Ben’s soft toy pug so we could choose his fur colour, his collar colour, the breed, eye colour etc. At £19.99 it isn’t cheap but it is a lovely book and I haven’t seen any other books where you can actually put your pet in the story so its pretty cool!*

Items marked with a * were given to me in return for inclusion in this guide.
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