Stocking Fillers and Secret Santa Gifts for Adults

Are you struggling to find small or low cost gifts for someone this Christmas? Secret Santa can be so difficult cant it when you don’t necessarily know the recipient well or worse still you pick out the name for your boss! Here I have over 20 suggestions for you which hopefully will give you some ideas! Ranging in price from £1.99 there really should be something for everyone!

Hope these suggestions either give you items to click and buy straight away or maybe just give you some ideas of other gifts to look for. Get thinking it wont be long now!

Bookmarks are the perfect addition for a gift of a book someone has asked for or maybe you know they love reading. If you have a small budget these are ideal at £2.50 available here with various other designs and could even be homemade if you want to go even cheaper!*

Someone always cold and you want to buy them a hat but would like something a bit more stylish and thought out than one from the supermarket? Buff make some amazing hats, this one is £33.76 and available here.*

Looking for a gift for a man who wears a suit but really not sure what to buy and don’t want to get him a tie? How about some cufflinks like these from Dobell? These are £12.99 and available here.*

Know the person you are buying for loves books but really not sure what they have read? This one is written by a friend of mine and is very popular. You could get something like this from Amazon directly (click the photo above for the book in paperback or Kindle) or maybe buy a gift voucher for a Kindle book if you are still not sure? (Affiliate Link)

Need a silly present and want to spend less than a tenner? How about a Unicorn Shower cap? Useful and silly it is a fun gift for a secret Santa when you really have no idea what to buy! It is available from Prezzy Box here.

Buying for your boss or someone who likes to look smart but is also quite fun? These Quiet Rebellion socks are black from the ankle up but have cool designs on the foot. There are a huge variety available but here are some Christmas ones! At £12 a pair or packs which make them a little cheaper they are available here.*

What about a Peachy Package. You could get a Peachy Package which starts from as low as £15 like this little package above or for around £35 a month (lower for longer subscriptions) this isn’t cheap but a little parcel of fun for someone every month is quite nice isn’t it. This is their September little taster box. Each month the boxes vary! You can order a Peachy Package here.*

A fun but hugely useful present for someone who is a bit accident prone or loves cooking. These onion goggles save you from having teary eyes when cutting onions! Available from Prezzy Box for £7.99 here.*

A personalised mug for a work colleague? You really can not go wrong with something like that and this one is lovely. Available for £14.50 from McLaggan this china mug is really good quality and one of many lovely designs they do. This particular design is available here.*

Looking for gifts for a lady who likes cosmetics but have no idea what they might like? These are all unique and different ideas which might just be perfect. The Perfecting Facial Oil is available at Superdrug for £9.99*. The Coola Liplux is a lovely lip treatment that also protects against UV Rays and is available here at £10.95*. The Magnitone Wipe Out is something a little different, a make up remover cloth perfect for travelling and saving money on lots of make up remover wipes! It is available from here at £15*.

These Gentle Grip socks are super comfy and perfect for chilling around the house. Available on Amazon here they are around £5.89 for a pack of three pairs and lovely for someone who loves to relax.* (Affiliate Link)

A great gift for that Grumpy Old Man who is hard to buy for! This is just £1.99 so makes a great stocking filler or secret Santa gift, though maybe not sensible to give it to a boss! It is available form Rinkit here.*

These lovely men’s Magnitone products are great for a man who likes to look after his skin. With the Moisturiser at £12 and the Face wash at £9.99 they are perfect for Secret Santa gifts or stocking fillers to show you thought a little more than popping to the local supermarket! To buy them pop straight to the Magnitone website here.*

I absolutely love this plaque as a little something for a friend or a stocking filler or secret Santa for anyone really. It is a lovely wall hanging plaque that is only £2.49 and if you want to go and order one yourself pop to Rinkit and have a look! It is small enough to post easily too if you are looking for a unique gift that you have to send someone without breaking the bank!*

Fancy giving someone a handmade scarf but have no idea how to knit? This one is just £5 from here. I imagine you would pay a fair bit just for the wool and if you’re anything like me just get frustrated that you cant knit!

These Storm Bloc socks are great for a sporty lady, though they also do more masculine colours and sizes. They are well cushioned and very comfortable! This pack is £5.99 for 3 pairs and available here.* (Affiliate Link)

Lots of ladies love a good book but don’t often treat themselves. This book sounds good but I haven’t started reading it yet. It is a story of love, death, betrayal and five affairs! Sounds like a great book for curling up reading with a hot chocolate! Out in time for Christmas you can order it here.* (Affiliate link)

How about a card and socks gift in one? These gifts from Thortful even come looking like the packaging for a DVD which I loved as there is always someone isn’t there who thinks they know what their gift is just from the shape!! At £9.99 they are quite a random fun gift and can be bought here.*

Know someone who likes fixing things? Or who is always trying and failing? Maybe someone who likes something new to try out? Sugru is a Moldable glue and really can be used for such a huge variety of things I don’t know where to start! Fixing things, making things and solving problems! At £12.99 it is a cool and useful stocking filler for someone who has everything! You can read all the uses for it and buy it here.*

What about a set of short books, novellas? This Tony Drury set is a nice little selection to try out for someone who doesn’t want big books to read, this set of three is just £5.97 and available here.* (Affiliate Link)

Looking for a gift for a Secret Santa with a £10 budget for someone who likes food? This is a great choice at £9.93 and bound to be something they haven’t yet tried. A better choice than grabbing wine and chocolates from the supermarket and so easy to buy from Amazon here so a win win really!* (Affiliate Link)

These prints are so lovely for a kitchen of someone who loves to go out and party! The kind of person who can be so difficult to buy for and these are unique and perfect for secret Santa at £10 each! They are from Smart Arts Gallery where there is a huge variety of prints that really are something for everyone from films to nursery there are so many to chose from. My other gift guides will also have some featured! If you want to go and look at the variety they can be found here.*

This fun Emoji light box is A4 size so perfect for around the home or on a desk at work. Do you know someone fun who this would be perfect for? Little messages can be written on it and changed constantly to make a fun present for adults and children alike. It is available from Get Gingersnap for £25 here.*

What gifts do you like to buy for Secret Santa? Is there anything you would hate to receive as a Secret Santa Gift? Do let me know in the comments!

All items marked with a * were sent to me free for inclusion in the guide.

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