Stocking Fillers and Small Gifts for Older Children

For this small gifts and stocking fillers gift guide I decided to focus predominantly on older children as I always think they are harder to buy for and as such we are always looking for new ideas aren’t we!

It always seems difficult to buy small, low cost gifts for older children who have less interest in toys and are starting to get more interested in expensive presents! So I set about finding some new ideas and share them below!

Bookmarks are the perfect addition for a gift of a book a child has asked for or maybe you know they love reading or even want to encourage them to read more often. If you have a small budget these are ideal at £2.50 available here with various other designs and could even be homemade if you want to go even cheaper!*

Looking for a gift for a Disney lover but don’t want to spend a fortune? These lovely gifts from Mad Beauty are great for a Disney lover who is growing up fast! The Bambi washbag contains body wash and a bath puff and is just £10.99. The Mrs Potts and Chip lip gloss duo is a cute Beauty and the Beast themed gift and just £7.99. The Minnie Fask Mask is just £3.50 so another little low cost gift perfect for posting or a stocking filler type gift. The Belle beauty treats tube contains a lip balm and hand cream for just £7.99 another lovely gift for a Disney and Beauty and the Beast fan.*

I am loving this Disney Princess personalised mug, this has my name on but as you can see there is space for a longer name with no problem (up to 12 letters). Available from Prezzy Box it is just £9.99 so a lovely gift for a Disney Princess fan of any age whether they will drink milk or hot chocolate out of it! If you want to buy one it is available here.*

Sometimes young girls especially want to be grown up too soon don’t they, wanting their own shampoo like mum or spending ages brushing their hair. This range from Dubble Trubble is lovely and free of many of the nasties in other products they are designed for children ages 6-12 so perfect for those little divas! The range are around £3 each and available at Ocado and Tesco stores.*

Older children who have grown out of the kids beauty products and want to try new things would love face masks and similar like these from 7th Heaven this basket full of goodies is just £9.99 and could be given as a whole to a teenager or maybe split up to give smaller gifts to a group of people the choice really is yours!*

If you want to buy some sweets without buying huge amounts then these cute emotion Jelly Belly jelly beans are perfect they are fun and cute and a perfect little stocking filler to go with the satsuma and lump of coal! Pop over to Tesco, John Lewis or W H Smiths to pick some up!

This t-shirt is one of many ideal for a football fan of any age as there are a variety of sizes and teams available. The Art of Football also do prints in a similar design so it is definitely something worth looking at for a football fan. With kids Tees like this at £14.99 they are cheaper and different alternative to a football shirt if you want something for a youngster to wear! The variety is huge so if you think this is the gift for you pop and have a look here.*

These Jungle Jam books are a great stocking filler or smaller and easy to post gift for a younger child or maybe an older child with some special needs? Ideal for children aged 0-6 they are great for kids who love music and something just a bit different if you don’t know which books they already have which is so frequent isn’t it! Available here the books are individually £5.99 or the whole set of 5 is £23.96. Soft toys and a jigsaw are also available.*

I absolutely love this plaque as a little something for an older child who maybe spends a lot of time relaxing in their bedroom. It is a lovely wall hanging plaque that is only £2.49 and if you want to go and order one yourself pop to Rinkit and have a look! It is small enough to post easily too if you are looking for a unique gift that you have to send a child or teenager you know without breaking the bank!*

This really is one of the coolest presents out there if you have a child who loves riding a bike or scooter! At £14.99 it is great value and it is so fun! It basically is an accessory that produces fun light and sound effects which has a remote trigger so the child doesn’t have to take their hands off the handlebars yet can make everyone aware of their presence! It is available in a selection of colours and can be ordered here.*

This book again is suitable generally for younger children but also older ones with special needs. My friends 9 year old with autism would love it as he is functioning more at the age of a toddler at the moment and loves this kind of thing. Produced by Fine Feather Press is can be bought from Amazon here for £12.38.* (Affiliate Link)

A personalised mug for a child? You really can not go wrong with something like that if they love a hot chocolate and this one is lovely. It would be ideal also in a Christmas Eve box for a nice warming drink before bed! Available for £14.50 from McLaggan this china mug is really good quality and one of many lovely designs they do. This particular design is available here.*

I absolutely love this teddy bear. It is personalised so I think it is great for kids of any age and the phrase “A bear is for life not just for Christmas” is just too cute! I got this one personalised with my nieces name as she will totally love it. It is £16.99 and one of a selection of different personalised bears (and other gifts) so well worth a look, you can find it here.*

This horror sound machine is one of a selection of silly sound machines including a fart machine which I can imagine would be a very popular one! They are available for £8.99 (fart machine is a little cheaper) from What 2 Buy 4 Kids.*

This Star Wars Mitre Scriball is a cool Star Wars ball a child can colour in themselves before inflating it and playing with it. It is available in a few different designs so the price varies but around £12 and available from Amazon here.* (Affiliate Link)

This Star Wars Stormtrooper Colour changing light is pretty cool and at only £6.99 a bargain for any Star Wars Fan. It is available at a variety of stockists including Amazon here.* (Affiliate Link)

Know an older child who likes fixing things? Or who is always interested in how things work or making new things? Sugru is a Moldable glue and really can be used for such a huge variety of things I don’t know where to start! Fixing things, making things and solving problems! At £12.99 it is a cool and useful stocking filler for someone who has everything or just loves something a bit different! You can read all the uses for it and buy it here.*

These three toys are really cool and a bit different so ideal for an outdoors child who seems to have enough footballs and such and you just want to get them something low cost but a bit different! The UKick is £7.95 and is a fun and different game with the aim to keep the Ukick off the ground for as long as possible by using any part of your body! The Boom Night is a glow in the dark boomerang, how cool is that and I imagine most kids don’t have one so pretty guaranteed to be a good gift and at £7.86 it isn’t too pricey either! The Mega Bounce XTR is £9.95 and a bouncy ball like no other as it can bounce as high as a 2 story building!*

Have a unicorn mad child? Need a silly present for a hair mad teenager? How about a Unicorn Shower cap? Useful and silly it is a fun gift and will make that youngster smile I am sure! It is available from Prezzy Box here.

For more Christmas gift ideas, recipes and lots of other Christmas related content pop over to my Christmas section where you will find so much more!

All items marked with * were sent to me for the purposes of this guide.

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