Why Santa Doesn’t Bring Ben Much at Christmas

This is something that is really important to me and I hope that I can write it in a way that comes across well and without sounding mean or patronising so forgive me in advance if I do as it is not intentional. Also kids please don’t read this post!

Santa/ Father Christmas and the words why santa doesnt bring Ben much at Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas there are children across the country and indeed across the world writing letters to Father Christmas/ Santa Claus or whatever they chose to call him. Some children will have long lists that resemble the index of a toy catalogue whilst others only have a small simple list. The reasons for the differences vary but I always encourage Ben to only ask Father Christmas for a few small items. Why is this you ask?

Not all families have equal finances

Imagine a group of children in the playground all talking about what Santa brought them this year, one had a book, a teddy and some chocolates yet another had a games console, a laptop and a new bike. How would the child who received less feel? Whilst I appreciate that all families have different amounts of disposable income to spend on Christmas and that is fine remember that to Children Santa is one person and he should treat all children equally. Can you remember back to being young and wondering if your mum had spent more on you than your sibling? This is very similar. Whilst children learn quickly to accept that all families are not equal this shouldn’t be the same with Santa. When I was growing up my mum had very little money and was a single parent, we had only a few small gifts from Santa yet other children at school got lots, it was hard to understand. I still give presents to Ben from us but this way I feel Santa can be equal for all children.

Children should be thankful to those who buy for them

I believe children should be thankful to people who spend time and money buying them gifts however big or small. I have always encouraged Ben to thank people for gifts either with a phone call or a letter, or both. I have never implied that presents from others are from Santa as what is this encouraging our children to do? How many kids write Santa a thank you letter?

No need for greed have a surprise and be vague eg Spider-Man things rather than set items

I believe that children should be encouraged to ask for a type of item rather than listing specific items. There is no need for children to be encouraged to be greedy. At the previous school Ben attended children were encouraged to look through the Argos catalogue when writing a list. Ben along with many others then wrote a list longer than necessary and I personally think it encourages greed. I am much more likely to encourage Ben to ask for a type of presents so he will ask for WWE items most likely this year, but that can be anything of any price, there is no need to encourage children to ask for big specific gifts.

The reality when Father Christmas no longer brings gifts

Imagine when suddenly Santa doesn’t bring the child gifts anymore as they are older, having to then explain that all those expensive gifts were not from him at all is harder than a few small gifts. Do children really need that sudden change and feeling totally lied to? Or would it be just as acceptable to say yes a few small bits were wrapped up “from Santa”.

Christmas is about family time and giving not just receiving

I focus on giving a lot with Ben every Christmas and encourage him to help choose gifts for other people and think about what they would like. He sometimes makes his own gifts for people and this is important to me. I feel Christmas should be about family and giving just as much as receiving and asking for things.

How do you feel about Christmas and Santa? Do you agree with me or do you think it is all harmless fun? Do drop me a comment below and let me know.

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