Christmas Food – The Best and The Worst!

Whilst you certainly don’t have to eat “on plan” over Christmas I always feel that it is worth looking at each element of your dinner/drinks and deciding then which choice to make. Here I share with you some of the choices you can make and the difference they could make! Please remember these are approximate as everyone cooks things slightly differently but to give you an idea! You really can enjoy a wonderful Christmas day on Slimming World

The Breakfast

Bacon Sandwich with white bread (60g) and 2 rashers thick fat on bacon – Bacon 4 syns, White bread 6-8 syns TOTAL = up to 10-12 syns

Bacon Sandwich with wholemeal bread (60g) and fat removed from bacon – Bacon – free, Bread 6 syns or healthy extra b choice TOTAL = 0-6 Syns

A Pastry Breakfast WORST Bought
Co-Op In Store Bakery All Butter Croissant (75g each) 15.5 syns
Sainsburys Taste the Difference Pain au chocolat (80g) 17.5 syns

A Pastry breakfast BEST Bought 
Sainsburys Lighter All Butter croissants (4 pack 44g each) 8 syns each
Aldi Bon Appetit Pains au Chocolat (8 pack 45g each) 9 syns each.

A Pastry Breakfast Mini option
Tesco All Butter mini croissants (12 pack 30g each) 5.5 syns each
Waitrose Mini Pain au Chocolat (6 pack 22g each) 6.5 syns each

Fruit and Fat free Yoghurt
If using fresh or defrosted frozen fruit with nothing added and fat free natural yoghurt or certain other yoghurts – Free

High Syn Yummies to watch out for!

Waitrose Hazelnut Praline Croisant topped with hazelnuts 95g 23.5 syns.
Starbucks Ham and Cheese Croissant 24.5 syns.
Starbucks Cheese and Mushroom Croissant 26 syns.


The Christmas Roast Dinner

Roast Potatoes
Homemade Cooked in Oil (100g) 4 syns
Homemade Cooked in Goose Fat – depends on amount used but just 1 level tsp of goose fat is from 2 syns.
Homemade Cooked in Frylight Free

Shop Bought Best – Asda Chosen by You Roast potatoes (frozen) per 100g 1 syn, Tesco miniature roast potatoes lightly seasoned 500g pack (125g serving) 0.5 syns.
Shop Bought Worst Tesco Finest British Roast Potatoes with goose fat (frozen 800g pack) 6 syns per 100g

Mashed Potatoes
Homemade Mashed with butter – if 10g butter per person 3.5 syns.
Homemade Mashed with quark – Free
Homemade Mashed with egg yolk – Free
Shop bought worst – Aldi Taste Classics Mashed Potato (chilled 500g pack) 22 syns per pack.

Boiled or steamed then added butter – if 10g of butter per person 3.5 syns each
Boiled or steamed – Free

Roasted Parsnips
Shop Bought Best – Marks and Spencer Honey mustard and maple parsnips (chilled 600g pack) 1 syn per 100g
Shop Bought Worse – Tesco honey roast parsnips chilled 250g pack 13.5 syns
Homemade with fat – 3.5 syns per 100g
Homemade with frylight –  Free

Sage and Onion Stuffing
Shop Bought Worst – Sainsburys British pork sage and onion stuffing balls (chilled 12 pack 30g each) 3.5 syns each.
Shop Bought Best – Paxo sage and onion stuffing balls (frozen 12 pack 25g each) 2 syns each.
Shop bought dry packet (basic) – Jamie Oliver Wild sage, red onion and chestnut stuffing mix (made as directed) 1 syn per 25g made up, Sainsburys basics sage and onion stuffing (made as directed) 1 syn per 25g made up
Homemade as per this recipe – Free

Pigs in Blankets
Worst Shop Bought – Tesco Finest Posh Pigs in Blankets (chilled 9 pack 32g each) 3 syns each.
Best Shop Bought – Asda Butchers Selection Pigs in Blankets (chilled 12 pack 19g each) 1 syn each
Homemade with 5% fat pork mince, egg and herbs then wrapped with bacon (fat removed) – Free

Skin on – 2.5 syns per 100g
Skin Off – free
remember if basted with butter or oil this can add a lot of syns!

Vegetarian Option
Quorn Roast – Free
Quorn Low Fat Sausages – Free
Nut roast bought Best – Morrisons Vegetarian Squash and Nut Roast (frozen 130g each) 8 syns
Nut Roast bought Worst – Waitrose Vegetarian Nut Roast Wellingtons (Frozen 130g each) 17 syns

Shop bought fresh Best – Slimming World Onion Gravy from Iceland Free
Shop bought fresh worst – Tesco Finest Chicken Gravy (350ml pouch) 7.5 syns.
Homemade from stock – IF you basted the turkey this could be so variable!!
Homemade onion Gravy as per this recipe – Free

Cranberry Sauce
Worst shop bought – For one level tablespoonful the following are 2 syns – Tesco finest cranberry sauce, EPC wild cranberry sauce, Sainsburys Taste the Difference Cranberry Sauce
Best Shop bought – For one level tablespoonful the following are all 1 syn – Duerrs Cranberry Saunce, Meridian Organic Cranberry Sauce, Ocean Spray (wholeberry and original smooth varieties).

Mince Pies
Worst shop bought average size – Marks and Spencer In store bakery mince pie 19.5 syns.
Best shop bought average size – Tesco Bakery short-crust mince pies (4 pack 40g each) 8 syns
Worst shop bought mini – Morrisons the best mini mince pies (9pack 32g each) 6 syns.
Best shop bought mini – Lidl deluxe luxury mince pie (12 pack 18.8g each) 4 syns, Iceland luxury mini mince pies (12 pack 19g each) 4 syns, Tesco finest all butter mini mince pies (12 pack 20g each) 4 syns.
Homemade with filo pastry – if using the filo like this recipe and lowest syn mincemeat at 2 syns per level tablespoon. The following are 2 syns per level tablespoon – Co-Op mincemeat, Duerrs Traditional Mincemeat, Aldi specially selected brandy infused mincemeat, Aldi The Pantry Mincemeat. NB. Watch out for Aldi Specially selected Luxury Mincemeat as that is 2.5 syns and probably next to the other ones!

I hope whichever choices you make you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Don’t forget to sign up below for my one week FREE meal plan too and all my posts direct into your inbox to keep you on track in the new year!

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Pin this to come back to it again and again and feel free to share in any groups you are in or with friends/family.

Please note the best and worst are for the current syn value only to give you some ideas. Syn values are always subject to change. Syn vales are largely based around calorie content so if following another healthy eating plan these should also help. I have not tasted the shop bought choices above so the choice is yours as it is one day of the year so if you want to have the high syn options it is up to you. I just wanted to give you some options!

Have you got lower syn options or spotted something good in the shops? Comment below to share it with others!

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