Home Safety Tips for The Festive Season

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With Christmas almost here now and only a week away it is a time of year when so many accidents can happen, crimes take place and generally stress is added to in ways which could be prevented! Here I share with you some tips to help keep your home safe so you can relax during the festive season.

1. Check your smoke alarm works – If you are at home go and do it now, it will take a minute if that! If this isn’t possible or you are out then set an alarm on your phone now to dot it. Don’t read on until you have done one or the other, it may save your life!

2. However tempting do not leave Christmas lights on when you are out of the house or asleep – the risk of fire is surely more important than the risk of not looking festive?

3. Keep the doors locked – it doesn’t take long when someone pops round to unlock the door for them does it really? While you are all enjoying Christmas dinner in full view of your front window how easy would it be for someone to sneak in an unlocked door? If you have a burglar alarm then use it when you are out.

4. Make sure that you are insured – If you have bought or been given new expensive items or gadgets for Christmas then phone your insurance company to check if they need to be added on separately. Chill.ie Insurance say the quicker you do this the better to ensure you are covered and while you remember.

5. Keep alcohol out of the reach of young children – during the festive season it is all too easy to leave bottles of wine out or a glass of whiskey on the coffee table to clear up the next morning. Just remember for a toddler a shot of whiskey is a lot more dangerous than it is to you as they are so small.

6. Turn the oven and hob off when you have finished with it – Leaving oven gloves or a cloth on the hob when you serve up and accidentally not turning it off could cause a fire, check and double check everything is turned off before you sit and eat!

7. Bin the boxes and wrapping paper – It might be cold outside but the sooner they are all in the bin the less chance of them being tripped over or becoming a fire hazard! Check thoroughly for unopened gifts though, no one likes having to rummage through the bin when a remote control from a toy car has been thrown away in error! (I can assure you I have had to do this!)

8. Know some basic first aid – have a quick read of some basic first aid and be sure any visitors to your house know where the first aid box is. Do you know what to do if someone scalds themselves or chokes on a bone? There is some really useful advice here from the St Johns Ambulance that is worth a read.

Have you checked the smoke alarm yet???

Have a lovely and safe Christmas xx

This post was written in collaboration with Chill.ie

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