Nervous about joining a group? So was I…

A good friend of mine Catherine told me all about the Slimming World plan back in January 2013 when I stayed with her for a few days just after New Year. I didn’t join Slimming World until 29th January 2014, over a year later. Why didn’t I join? The reasons are quite simple, I was scared of walking into a room full of people I didn’t know and being judged about my weight. I was also very anxious about whether I would be wasting my money and not actually lose weight.

Here I will talk about my worries about joining a group and my experiences and thoughts now years later! I have been to a number of different Slimming World groups, I swapped groups during my weight loss journey a few times so I myself have had four different Slimming World consultants. I have weighed as a visiting member at a number of other groups when I have not been able to attend my own group and have also attended other groups as a guest speaker talking about my weight loss journey so I feel that my experiences probably are general to the brand though I guess there may be odd differences I do hope it helps put someone’s mind at rest. After all if I hadn’t have got the courage to go I would never have been target member and 10 stone 4lbs lighter! My journey continues with lots of ups and downs but I am always glad I joined!


I worry that everyone in the group will know each other and no one will talk to me
This was one of my worries but although many people do know each other at a group it isn’t necessarily because they have always known each other, many of them have met at the group and are now friends. I always chat to new members and I know most other people do too. When you join you will have a new members talk with the consultant and then sit through a group “image therapy” where everyone talks about their week. In every group I have attended I have never seen anyone alone with everyone ignoring them and I never myself felt that when I joined.
I worry that everyone will know my weight
The only people that will know your weight unless you chose to tell them is your consultant and the person who weighs you each week. The person who weighs you is a member of the social team for the consultant helping out but has also promised to be confidential and would never share your weight. I have never known this to happen and the social team member is a member themselves so they know how it feels.


I worry that I wont understand the things I can and cant eat
It is quite straight forward when it is explained to you and in your new members pack there is a book explaining it all too. You will have the consultants phone number and will likely make friends at group too and have access to the Slimming World website so there is no need to ever struggle if you don’t understand something you will be able to get help or find the answer easily enough.
Will the scales hold my weight?
Years ago I joined a different weight loss group when I know I was a little lighter than when I joined Slimming World. Whilst at that group I witnessed a member have to weigh with one foot on each scale as she was too heavy for the groups scales. I was terrified of this happening when I joined Slimming World so text the consultant before I joined to ask! Since joining and meeting my partner Stuart I know that when he joined he was 37 stone and the scales weighed him just fine. Stuart had a 70 inch waist and was 6ft tall so you can picture how big he was, if the scales weighed him the chances are they will weigh you.

Will they make me talk in front of everyone?
No they wont, as the consultant goes around the group they will speak to everyone in front of the group. It wont include your weight but will include how much you have lost that week, maybe asking you what you have been eating and if you’re struggling with anything. If you do not wish to be spoken to in group you can tell your consultant this and they will respect that. You can then just join in when you feel more comfortable in the future if you wish.
Will everyone there be skinny?
I worried about this, I worried that maybe I would be the biggest person at group and people would just look at me. I need not have worried because even though there will be people there who are a size 8 there will be people there of all sizes and those that are what you consider skinny may have lost a lot of weight and you will get to hear everyone’s stories and see that you’re not alone. No one will judge you because of your size because everyone has joined there for the same reason whether they want to lose 10 stone or 7lbs it is because they are not happy with their body and want to change it.


What if I can’t get to my group or want to change groups?
As long as you have your card you can weigh at any Slimming World group so don’t let the fact you might not always be able to make the group you join a reason to put you off joining! If you work shifts your consultant can chat to you about that too and how you can fit in Slimming World.
I have eaten badly this week, maybe I should wait until next week to join?
No better time than today, we all have to start somewhere. The day before I finally got the courage to join I had eaten out and had a massive dessert too which nearly put me off joining the next morning but I bit the bullet so to speak and did it, I’ve never looked back. We all have bad days but not starting because of them wont help will it!Hopefully in sharing my experiences I have helped someone to feel confident enough to try going to a Slimming World group. Whilst I talk about Slimming World this is because this is what I know, other weight loss groups may be very different. If I have helped even just one person to take that step to change their life I will be happy. If you have experiences of other groups do feel free to share them below.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 6, 2016 / 3:00 pm

    To address one of the concerns raised I am someone who does the weigh in part and honestly I never remember what people weigh only what they have lost or gained in that particular week xx

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