New Year Resolutions – Starting to plan now!

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In less than three weeks people up and down the country will be making New Years Resolutions, but will you stick to yours? I have some years done really well sticking to mine and other years only managed a day or two! According to The Guardian 78% of people do not succeed at their new year resolutions! I thought I would share my top ten tips for planning a resolution you will stick to!

Set a realistic goal – Think back to why you may have failed in your ambitions previous years and plan a goal that you think you could achieve.

Get anything you need now – If you need anything specific to achieve your goal then get it and use that as motivation.

If you are giving something up stop buying too much now – If you are giving up something like smoking then over the next few years make sure you don’t have any extra so it is easy to start on the 1st.

If you are thinking of joining a healthy eating plan – If you are likely to be joining Slimming World or something similar after Christmas then start making changes to what you buy now, so if youre buying butter that normally lasts a month in your house then buy a lower fat version etc.

If you are aiming to get a new job – if your resolution is to get a new job then start looking in the sales before and after Christmas for anything you may need such as interview clothes etc.A New Hobby – If you are determined to start something new then this is the time to look in the sales for anything you may need for it, or maybe even ask for something like that as a gift?

Sorting out your finances – If you are determined to sort out your finances next year then start investigating now and researching the difference between short term loans from lenders such as Cashlady, IVA, and even things like balance transfer credit cards. Depending on your situation all could be of help but you obviously need to research well and not rush into anything. Start saving any paperwork that comes from now as you will need it eg latest bank statement!

Leaving an unhappy or abusive relationship – I have previously had this as a resolution and achieved it, the key thing is planning and thinking things through to make sure they work with no last minute decisions or problems. If you don’t want to or cant discuss it with your partner then making sure you have copies of all important paperwork is essential if you can.

Starting Exercise – Start thinking now and remember whilst all gyms have offers in January to try and encourage you to join if you wont stick to it ensure it is not a contract you are signing, maybe have a long talk to yourself and try classes in the community first or running etc which you don’t need to sign up for if you don’t like by the time February comes. There are so many types of exercise out there you are bound to find one you like. This previous post of mine has some great ideas for you.

Volunteering – If you would love to volunteer more and start that in January then now is the time to be looking and planning before January comes, whether it be in a charity shop, as a trustee for a charity, sending letters to sick children through Postpals or something else there is likely to be a lot of choice and the local library may be able to point you in the direction of local charities too.

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