Pret a Pousser Grey Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit Review

When Pret a Pousser contacted me and asked me to review their Grey Oyster mushroom kit (Affiliate link) I was so excited as I have never grown mushrooms and thought it would be a fun thing to do with Ben. I was however a little apprehensive as I am not at all green fingered! I appreciate these kits are supposed to be very easy, but so is looking after a cactus and I always seem to kill those!

What is the Grey Oyster Mushroom Kit?

It is quite simply a box filled with straw and wheat that you cut open and spray daily and the mushrooms grow! It is completely organic and seems pretty fool proof so I was keen to get started. The kit is guaranteed to grow two harvests of the grey oyster mushrooms. If it doesn’t the company will replace it for you.

What do you have to do?

The box has a perforated compartment which tears off to reveal a plastic wrapped substance. All you do is cut an + into the plastic and then spray twice a day for 10 days! Sounds easy doesn’t it, well it actually really was and I have found a plant I didn’t kill off! Admittedly it was Ben who tended to the mushrooms ensuring they were sprayed at the appropriate times but I still didn’t kill them so I was pleased with that!

Day 4 – Something starting to appear!

How can you tell you are doing it right?

For the first few days I was sceptical as there is nothing to be seen but soon they started to grow and as you can see from the photos they quickly became recognisable and grew well. The instructions were so straight forward it really is pretty impossible to do them wrong!

Day 5 – We have growth!

Who would you buy one for?

I think these make a great gift for anyone who loves to cook but also for children, Ben was fascinated to watch them grow and can’t wait for his second harvest. I can imagine a child who is a bit of a picky eater would enjoy growing them too and it may be a great way to encourage them to try something new!

Day 6 – It is starting to resemble mushrooms!

Where are they available from?

They are currently only available on Amazon here (Affiliate Link). However they are great so I am sure they will grow in popularity and soon be available elsewhere too. They don’t need to be grown straight away and have a date of around 3 months before they need to be started so there is no concern over them arriving and needing sorting out right away!

Day 7 – Look how much they have grown in the last 24 hrs!

How much are they?

At £18.90 for a box they are not particularly cheap but they are a lovely gift and not only do you get to grow two harvests from them yourself but if you share a picture of your mushrooms on the companies Facebook page they will also send a kit free of charge to a school of your choice! I absolutely love this idea because I think so many children can benefit from learning where food comes from and how to grow it themselves.

Day 8 – They keep growing!

What can you make with them?

The box says they team well with garlic and parsley in things like risotto, omelette, pies etc. Ben was very keen to make a mushroom pie with his mushrooms after spending the 10 days remembering morning and night to spray them.

Day 9 – Still growing!

What did we make?

We used the mushrooms with some Slimming World mushroom sauce, garlic, parsley and some chicken topped with short-crust pastry to make a chicken and mushroom pie!

Day 10 – They are ready!

What did Ben think?

“I enjoyed growing my own mushrooms and seeing how the cycle went from them starting as buds and growing into mighty mushrooms. I loved having them for my tea and they tasted a little sweet and they made a perfect pie. I added a heart on the top of my pie because I have a girlfriend now and wanted to celebrate that!”

I was given the kit in return for a review however all views are my own and those of Ben!

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