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We have been trialling Bookbeat which is an app with audiobooks and ebooks, you can read my previous post about it here. I thought I would write a little to update you on how we are getting on with it and the books Ben has been enjoying in his bedtime listening.

Having a sleep time on makes it perfect for Ben to fall asleep listening to and me not having to remember to turn it off before it drives the neighbours loopy! Ben is a boy of habit and likes listening to the same books again and again and I am sure if it wasn’t for the timer the poor neighbours would know every work of his favourites, as would I!

I have been very impressed by the selection on Bookbeat of books for Ben. His favourite author is David Walliams and even the latest book was available pretty much as soon as it came out so he was very impressed. He loves listening to his books and I am sure that once our subscription has finished in return for the reviews we will be looking into continuing to subscribe. Before trying out Bookbeat I would have expected most of the books to be old classics like The Railway Children, not modern popular books like these.

Every night Ben puts his choice of story on and the timer then off he goes to sleep. It is a lovely addition as he does love reading but he struggles to settle himself to sleep at night so it is a great way of him having independence and falling asleep alone with the help of the books.

I still don’t often listen to books myself however have started listening to them sometimes whilst I am working on the laptop as it is less distracting than the television and I get more work done! I enjoy it too as so often the television is pretty rubbish isn’t it, or repetitive anyway!

I would love some recommendations though so if you have Bookbeat and have some books to recommend to me, or maybe just some books you enjoy that I can look for on their do let me know. I love psychological crime type books, drama type fiction that could be a true story, a bit like the tear jerkers often autobiographies, or something a bit thought provoking. I am currently listening to The Silent Witness by Casey Watson.

Do you have any times you enjoy listening to books? Or when would you love to have time to listen to them?

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