The Snowman Tour – A Family Christmas Experience

Don’t you just think The Snowman is the best and most classic Christmas movie? To me it is what symbolises Christmas, with magic and music that just makes me feel instantly festive! If you read my post in September about getting these tickets you will know how excited I was. If you didn’t read it and want to you can here. Well last night was the night we went to see The Snowman Tour and I loved it so much I wanted to write about it right away!

We went to see it in Chesterfield at The Winding Wheel, a less grand venue that some of the places the tour is visiting I was worried it wouldn’t seem as special as the photos I have seen taken in cathedrals etc. I was totally wrong it really didn’t matter and it still was fabulous.

In the queue to get in there were people of all ages from excited young children to Grandparents with their grandchildren. I even saw a baby who must have been a matter of days or weeks old at most. It was such a family performance with no one objecting to the excited squeals of children when they saw the actual snowman walking around the room.

Early in the evening there was a little story told by Daniel Whibley, the artistic director and double bass player. He grasped everyone’s attention with the story of the orchestra on the train. In the telling of this he was basically introducing all the instruments of the orchestra which was lovely. Whilst I knew most of the instruments many children and some adults wont have so it was a lovely way of making the orchestra more than just music and showing off how many instruments make up the lovely music. A real cultural introduction for children who may have never heard an orchestra before. My favourite instrument has to be the harp though, I just find them so fascinating in size and also such a beautiful sound.

We were treated to a solo of Once in Royal David City by a young singer called Hannah Redfern. An aspiring actress or singer Hannah has a beautiful voice and was a pleasure to listen to accompanied by such a wonderful orchestra. I spoke to her after the performance and she said she was encouraged to audition by her singing teacher Annette Wood and from Matlock she is a local girl and only 17 who I am sure will go far. Her voice was amazing and really put us all in the Christmas spirit.

The first story we were told was The Bear and The Piano. A lovely story brought to life with music from the orchestra and the voice of Joanna Lumley. It is the story of a bear who finds a piano in the woods and teaches himself to play. He is then taken on a trip to New York and becomes a huge star but misses his friends and family. When he goes home he is astounded to find how proud they are of him and he feels at home again. It is a beautiful story of adventure and friendship which is sure to become a book every family owns before long.

When The Snowman came out to meet the audience the children were all so excited, after all why wouldn’t they be it was the real snowman! He danced around the audience and really got the children excited for The Snowman story after the interval. During the break it was lovely to see all the children around us looking excited for it to restart and hey who could blame them I was too!

The Snowman story itself really is one that surely everyone loves. When you see it on television with the accompanying music and the iconic Walking in the air what could be more magical? I was curious how it would seem different in the snowman tour as although it is a live orchestra and soloist it is the same music so I was a little unsure if it would be much different but I was so wrong! It was absolutely amazing.

Whilst watching the show on the big screen the orchestra played perfectly and completely encapsulated the audience. The lighting was perfect that you could see the orchestra but they didn’t take away from the screen either. I felt like a child again with my eyes wide and a smile across my face watching the story develop and willing the Snowman not to sit too close to the fire so he wouldn’t melt. The orchestra was amazing and really told the story through the music it was so magical.

The magic continued and it was almost time for the Snowman to fly. A young girl stepped onto the stage to the microphone and she sang Walking in the Air. Her voice was amazing and so perfect, for such a young girl she sounded so professional and like an angel. Walking in the Air was sung perfectly and made watching The Snowman so magical. I met Lexi Lee afterwards and discovered she is only 10 years old, a local girl from Hasland she doesn’t even have singing lessons! I was astonished! She really is a name to watch out for as I am sure she will be a star with a voice like hers.

The Snowman Tour was so moving and magical I heard nothing but praise for it as we left afterwards. We all enjoyed it and the young girl behind us even was crying because the snowman had melted. The whole stories of both The Snowman and The Bear and The Piano were told so beautifully with the music of the orchestra and the Soloists. It was exactly how I had hoped and really got me into the Christmas Spirit.

If you would like to see The Snowman Tour yourself then check out your nearest performances and see if there are any tickets still available (sorry but I know some venues are sold out). Watch out next year for the show too and get booking early I promise you wont regret it, it was amazing!

For more information of tour dates and availability click here, booking is then through the individual venues. Do let me know if you go and enjoy it as much as we did.

I received our tickets in return for an honest review but the words above are all my own and a true reflection of how much I enjoyed the show.

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