8 Ways to Encourage Yourself to Drink More Water

I have always been someone who doesn’t drink enough water so this year I have made a conscious decision to try and make myself drink more. When it isn’t a habit and as a child you always needed reminding to drink it isn’t an easy habit to form. I know I am not alone in this so thought I would share with you my top tips in case you are struggling with this too. By drinking more it can help you lose weight too as we all often mistake thirst for hunger don’t we. I know I do anyway, I always think I am hungry and probably I am just thirsty!


  1. Eat spicy foods – silly as it sounds if you are eating something spicy you are encouraged to drink more!
  2. Have a big bottle like mine above that you only fill a few times a day. By having a drink constantly next to you it is easier to remember to drink.
  3. Make yourself a rule so maybe every time you send a text you have to have a drink, it soon becomes habit!
  4. Eat dry foods to make you feel thirsty.
  5. Buy Squashes that you love the flavours of and keep swapping them. That helps keep it interesting and stop you getting bored of the drink.
  6. Drink less tea or coffee and more fruit teas or my favourite at the moment is Hot Ribena Winter Spice.
  7. While you are cooking have a drink next to you, in fact wherever you go have that drink within arms reach!
  8. Give the kids the same drink so you are not tempted to drink their fizzy drinks!

I have found all these to help me so hopefully they will help you too. If you have any tips do comment them to help me and others.

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