Exercise DVD’s and Online Videos Roundup!

It is January and of course that means up and down the country and across the world people are starting the new year with new goals and ambitions. Before you join a gym and sign a contract for a year it might be worth thinking about home exercise. DVD’s and videos on YouTube and similar are a popular way to exercise particularly for busy parents as they fit well around a family. I have never been one for exercise and the only exercise I have ever really enjoyed is running but I have often wondered about following a programme by watching the TV (or computer etc if you don’t have a smart TV).

I own two exercise DVD’s, Miranda Hart’s Maracattack* and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred*. Both I bought at the same time as I joined Slimming World back in 2014. I have tried the Miranda Hart one twice, it is funny but neither time I felt very motivated to do the work out and it just wasn’t my thing. I have tried the 30 day shred once, it seemed very brutal and I have never been brave enough to put it in the DVD player again! Both still sit on my shelf gathering dust! I decided to ask some fellow bloggers what they would recommend and why to see if anything appealed to me and thought I would share their responses with you too.

Leslie Sansone – Walk at Home Workouts*

Katy says these are really easy to fit in every day with the one mile ones only 15 minutes long which is perfect. I must say these do sound appealing to me by the idea they are talking about walking, not yoga or anything too bendy!

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred*

Stacey says that it is great, she has done it twice and says she loves it because you can fit in cardio and strength for less than 30 minutes a day.  Jenni says The short workouts are perfect to fit in to a busy mum’s schedule. I did the full thing twice last Spring, and have since kept going trying to fit it in a Shred workout at least 4-5 times a week. When Stacey says she has done it twice I know she means the whole program like Jenni – both are braver and more motivated than me I managed half of day one!

Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz*

Emma is a big fan of this one saying that it is really good because of the short bursts. Kelly-Anne says “They are pretty hard to master at first but you will see results quickly”. I must say this is one I was interested by though I am not a fan of Charlotte at all so not sure I could tolerate listening to her daily!

Coleen McLoughlin – Brand New Body Workout*

Nicola loves this because she has done it before and says it actually works. Also she says it looks like she really has to work out and is sweaty and out of breath on it. This is something that really appeals to me, not the idea of seeing Coleen sweaty but the fact a celebrity type workout actually shows sweat and not catwalk style celebrities doing very little!

P90x3 Elite Block Workouts*

Leyla says this is great because it is only 30 minutes a day and you can build Yoga and Pilates into it. I am not sure, it looks pretty brutal and it is more expensive than the other suggestions so I worry that I would buy it and then it would join the others I don’t like on my shelf gathering dust!

Blogilates on YouTube.

This is a favourite of Donna who says it “hurts like hell but works fast”. I am not at all sure of this one, hurts doesn’t fill me with excitement but fast results is something that appeals!

Shaun T’s Focus T25 Home Fitness DVD Workout Programme*

Leyla says this is a good workout she says it lasts 25 minutes and Shaun is a brutal motivator but the fact he is cute really helps. I am not sure what I think to this, I quite like the idea of a cute man telling me which exercises to do but the fact he is brutal really doesn’t appeal at all! The price too makes me wonder if I would regret my purchase if it joined the others gathering dust!

The Daily Hiit Show on YouTube.

Sinead says she likes this because there are lots of challenges and just 20 minutes for each workout. They are free on YouTube. I like this idea, 20 minutes, free, now maybe this is one I could give a go!

Jemma says this is “perfect for those without tons of time (or for those with husbands that take the mick while their wives are prancing about in front of the TV)”!

Carly Rowena on YouTube

This one is recommended by Becci who says she makes healthy eating and exercise simple and achievable whilst also being really fun to watch. Now this sounds my cup of tea, fun and exercise…..another I may really have to take a proper look at!

Hab-It Pelvic Floor DVD*

Nikki says “For those looking for a workout to strengthen their pelvic floor post birth then you cannot beat the hab-it DVD. Not great for losing weight but fantastic for stopping those moments you literally wet yourself laughing or just reducing the sensation that your vagina might fall out at any god given moment.” Whilst this DVD isn’t cheap I can imagine if you are suffering with these issues it would be invaluable and knowing that someone recommends it like Nikki does always helps doesn’t it.

Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

This is recommended by Sarah as she says there are hundreds of different videos from 5 minutes to an hour and loads of new workouts added all the time. I quite like this idea of varying length videos but I am still not sure about Yoga, though I have never tried it so maybe a 5 minute one is where I should start!

Jemma says it “is amazing, not only do they run online programmes but they have a massive online support community which is invaluable. I loved being part of it and massively improved my health and fitness (and happiness!) I only stopped due to an operation and can’t wait to join back in.” Maybe this is what I need an online community so I am a bit more accountable? Another I should have a look at and see if it suits me!

Recommended by Sarah she says they do all levels of Yoga from beginner to expert and even pregnancy and are fantastic. I might look at this for an idea if the beginner really is beginner and basic!

This comes recommended by Kate who says “There are hundreds of workouts to choose from, and you can search using specific fields such as min & max workout length, type of workout (HIIT, cardio, strength, pilates etc), difficulty level, area of body you wish to target, and equipment required. I’ve used it so many times over the last five years. It’s absolutely brilliant.” This sounds like for some people it would be perfect but for someone like me it sounds like too much choice!

Beth says I followed Vicky from Geordie Shores DVD a few years ago and it’s really manageable if you’re just starting out as there’s a warm up and cool down so you build it up and only takes 30 minutes. I bet it’s in the bargain bin now too as it’s been out a few years. Now this sounds pretty good, cheap, good for just starting out, building it up, this may definitely make my shopping basket on Amazon!

Maria says “I love watching Tara Styles Yoga videos on YouTube there are loads from easy beginner ones and ones to start to build core strength right up to advanced ones”. This sounds pretty good too but again Yoga, a word that scares me, it sounds too bendy!

Are your opinions based on the descriptions above similar to mine? Do you have other recommendations? Please do leave me a comment and let me know!

*Affiliate link – this means I get a small payment if after clicking on this you go on to buy it, it doesn’t affect your experience at all.

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