Making Your New Build Feel More Homely

Having previously lived in a new build I know how box like they can seem and how they feel like they lack character. When I was asked to share this with you I thought it sounded great as there is nothing better than that feeling of making a home your own is there!

Moving into a new build over an older property brings many advantages. As nobody else has lived in the building, it truly is a house you can call your own. However, the one downside to moving into a building that’s never been lived in before, is that it’s never been given that homely feel.

If you’re struggling to make your new build feel homelier, below you’ll discover some great tips which can really help.

Focus on adding colour

One of the main things you’ll notice with new build homes, is they feature a very prominent neutral design. This is likely one of the things which attracted you to the property in the first place. However, this neutral design can make the property appear colder and it really lacks personality. So, if you want to make it feel homelier, you’re going to need to add a bit of colour.

This doesn’t necessarily mean painting the walls. Instead, you can add colour with your furniture and furnishings. If you would prefer the walls were a little less neutral, you could add feature wallpaper to give it a slightly warmer feel.

Try and add a little colour to each room whether it be through bedding, cushions, candles or a sofa – there’s plenty of ways to brighten up a room without just changing the walls.  

Change the doors and windows

Now, obviously you’re not going to need to replace the doors and windows with a new build, but a few changes can make the property look homelier.

Take the windows for example. On their own, they look cold and empty. However, add curtains or blinds and suddenly they appear a lot warmer. Adding shutters like the ones offered from Direct Blinds, can give the windows a lot more character. Curtains can also have the same effect, while also keeping the house warmer during the winter months.

The doors could be painted, or the handles could even be changed for a homelier feel. You’d be surprised just how much of a difference the doors and windows can make to how cosy and homely a property feels.

Add your own personal touch

One of the best ways to make a new build more homely, is to add plenty of personal touches. Artwork, candles and photos are just some examples of how you can add a personal touch to the home.

You can also add familiar scents to the home such as your favourite incense sticks. Cooking meals from scratch, rather than ordering takeaways can also help, as the smell of freshly prepared meals does make a house feel more like a home. Put on music you love listening to and just make the house your own.

Overall, it does take a little work, but as you can see, it’s not too difficult to make a new build feel like home. The key is to start adding your own personal touches as soon as possible. It takes time to settle in to any new place, so don’t expect it to feel like home right away. 

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