New Year Resolutions – A month in!

**This is a Collaborative Post**

A month into 2018 and most people either have their New Year resolutions well underway or have given up. Where am I? Where are you? Were you someone who set out to do dry January and gave up a week in when you went out for a weekend or have you stuck to it religiously? I have not given up on mine nor have I done well, I am kind of middling!

blue gym ball, two smaller ballsm two small dumbells and something unknown all on a rug infront of a sofa

Have you been using your gym card?

Is your fitness DVD still sealed?

Has the kitchen gadget to encourage healthy eating started to gather dust?

Maybe you are doing great though and already have an impressive weight loss? Know the gym staff by name? Or have given up smoking completely now? Whatever the new years resolution by now you will have a good idea if you will succeed at it.

Quote "You dont have to be great to start but you have to start to be great"

So, how am I getting on? The first of my New Year resolutions was to lose the weight I gained last year. I have to say that isn’t going swimmingly at the moment. I have not gained any more but I haven’t lost any either. My mind-set is improving though and I am determined so watch this space. I also aimed to get running again once I had the all clear from the hospital after my asthma got better under control. Unfortunately this is not really happening at the moment. This however is nothing I can overly control so I wouldn’t say I have failed at that either.


I wanted to learn to swim this year and so far that is not happening but I guess there are another 11 months of the year. Or maybe I am just using that as an excuse because of my fear of drowning. I was determined to try to focus on loving myself more. So far this is going reasonably and I think there is gradual progress. This will never be an easy task so I am not too concerned about this one.


Quote "stop hating yourself for everything you aren't. Start loving yourself for everything you are."

Decluttering the house was another of my missions for the year. I decided I would aim to really work on a room a month. This along with a general decluttering motto of if I come across something I don’t need I should get rid of it there and then. So far I have done a fantastic job of Ben’s bedroom and he loves how grown up it is now. Along the same theme as decluttering I would love to design and build (with Stuarts help) an under stairs storage like the sorts of things you see on Pinterest!


I am not a DIY pro but I am not too bad either. I am quite nifty with a planer and lets face it there are so many tutorials on YouTube I am sure I will succeed. Hopefully I wont have a DIY related injury but there are places like Slater Gordon Solicitors who can give helpful advice should that happen. I often wonder whether these people are usually really good at DIY and it genuinely is the fault of the ladder for example or if they are just clumsy like I am! I can trip over thin air and regularly do, and to think that back at school what the career quiz thought I should do! Does anyone else remember the old computers (before windows!) with lots of questions and it deduced your ideal career? I remember once it suggesting me to be a Window Cleaner! I can assure you I wouldn’t have lived this long with a job like that!


So, where do you fit in with your New Years resolutions? Are you like me and not really failing but not really achieving them either? Or maybe you have decided to start them on Chinese New Year in a few weeks instead? That’s an idea isn’t it! Anyone want to be a decluttering buddy and remind each other constantly to get rid of stuff? I might start sharing photos of all my decluttered junk on Instagram to motivate me! All those random things I don’t use may come in handy one day though might they!


**This is a Collaborative Post**

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