Palmistry HD App – A Review

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Have you ever heard of Palmistry or had your palm read? I haven’t but I do remember as a teenager having a slight interest in it. This interest was probably sparked by an article in a girly magazine like Just17. Anyone remember that magazine? I am truly not sure what I think about palm reading, horoscopes and such but always open to giving it a try. When I was invited to review the PalmistryHD app I was a little sceptical. I was wondering what it would be like but here I share with you my thoughts and experience!

Picture of palm with all lines on for palmistry

What does the app do?


PalmistryHD is a really simple app available free on iOS and Android. It asks your first name and date of birth before loading a camera for you to take a photo of your palm. The app also offers a daily horoscope which can send you a notification each morning for that day’s prediction. The palm reading is available in basic for free. More in depth results are available for a cost of £8.99 or £11.99. The free version reads your life and head line, the paid for versions also read other lines such as children, travel and more, even your finger shape.


What results did I get?


I was a bit unsure what to expect from PalmistryHD and wondered how much would be generated the same for everyone. With this in mind I did readings for both myself and Stuart. Both readings did share some similarities but were not completely identical. In my report there were things that did ring true as such but a lot was very vague. Due to this I am not sure what I think to be honest. Some screenshots of my palm reading report are at the bottom of this post. If you read them what are your thoughts? There are definitely some parts that resonate with me. I guess it comes down to if you believe in palmistry or not.


Palmistry HD A Video


This video made by the team at PalmistryHD. It gives you an idea of how it works so you can see for yourself. Why not download the app for free and give it a go and see what you think?


My Overall Thoughts of the App


I am very undecided on the accuracy of the app but I think for free it is pretty good. If you download the app and did feel it to be accurate you can pay for the fuller reading. The bottom of every screen offers the opportunity to pay to upgrade and extend the report. However it is a fairly in depth reading without upgrading and there isn’t too much pressure to upgrade. The horoscope element is good but again I am not sure of the accuracy. The fact you can be sent a daily horoscope for free is good. If it is your thing this is definitely an app to look at and see what you think.

Some of My Palmistry Report


palm reading results screenshot

palm reading results screenshot

**This is a sponsored post but all views are my own** To read my reviews of other products or services click here.

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