Smear for a Smear – Do it for your kids

So this week is the week where the Smear for a Smear campaign is really big. If you haven’t heard of it then where have you been? Seriously though it is all about the importance of smear tests. While only women can have smear tests this doesn’t mean men and children aren’t affected.

12 year old boy with lipstick smear

Whatever your age and gender you can get involved in encouraging women you know to have a smear test. My son Ben when I explained the campaign thought it was great to get involved. He agrees that if you can have a test to reduce the chance of you dying from cervical cancer then it is extremely important. He did get a little muddled though and kept asking me when I was writing about smudge for a smudge!

Jen with a grey jumper on and a lipstick smear

Here is me with my smear too. I have had abnormal smears before and this has involved tests and procedures that whilst a little uncomfortable could have saved my life!

Here are 8 reasons you should book that smear right now! If you are reading this and its too late to make an appointment then set a reminder in your phone. Just get it done!

  1. Do you want your child to have to grow up without a mum because you couldn’t stand a few minutes of embarrassment?
  2. Do you want to have to tell your child you are dying because you didn’t want to have a test?
  3. Are those few minutes of your life really too busy to fit in a test?
  4. Do you really think the nurse hasn’t seen it all before?
  5. Everyone was nervous before their first smear if you have never been just do it.
  6. In some countries women would love to have this test and help them reduce the risk of cancer, use that privilege you have.
  7. It is just 5 minutes of the week so there are another 10075 so you can fit it in.
  8. It could save your life.

Book your Cervical Smear test, don’t be someone who looks back and regrets it when it is too late. I do not like having them done but I do it because I would never want to leave Ben without a mum if I can do something to prevent that. Do it for your children if you cant do it for yourself.

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