Discovering you need glasses – The Strange, The Funny and The Totally Awesome!

If you follow me on social media you will know that I recently discovered I need to start wearing glasses for reading, computer work etc. It has so far been a world of discovery for me and there have been some funny moments, some strange moments and some totally awesome discoveries so I wanted to share them with you all!

Jen wearing glasses

The Funny

When you forget you now wear glasses and look in the mirror and get a shock!

When you realise that actually you can see things that you are pretty sure were not there before!

The strange feeling when you have started getting used to them and then realise how much difference they make. Then comes the point where you have to say “hold on I need my glasses on to do that”.

Can you imagine having itchy eyes and forgetting you are wearing glasses and banging your hand on the glasses! Yes I am sure only me could do that but I have a few times. Wearing glasses takes a lot of getting used to! On the plus side I found some drops to help stop my eyes when they are itchy all day some days. The Eyelergy drops (pictured below) will be even more helpful in hayfever season.

Eyelergy eye drops box

The Strange

Suddenly having to spend money on something you never had to previously! Wondering if the anti-glare lenses are really worth the extra money and looking over all the selection of frames in the opticians bewildered.

Realising that wherever you look there is something extra in your peripheral vision – the frames.

Choosing colours for something new for your face with no idea where to start. Then waiting a week for them to be made so you forget what they looked like.

The numbers and such on your prescription! What do they all mean? I know the + and – are to do with how magnifying etc the lenses are. However there are other numbers, what are they all for?

Wondering when you will need new glasses as you don’t know how quickly they will change! If you just need standard reading glasses and both eyes are the same (mine typically aren’t) then reading glasses can be quite cheap to buy separately. Another option which is not right for me at the moment is Eyejusters

black and blue glasses with a black case and cloth

The Totally Awesome

Being able to see things more clearly is a huge benefit. I really hadn’t realised how much I was struggling to focus on things!

Being able to chose glasses that match my hair colour – I have shared a picture of those on social media but there will be a review of those coming soon so watch this space!

Realising that glasses completely change the way you look.

Being able to work at the laptop for longer without getting headache and struggling to see properly.

Your son telling you that you look funny with glasses on and your boyfriend telling you that they look great.


So getting glasses has been a bit of a learning curve for me and I have some new frames with lenses to share with you soon that are from an online opticians and you will love I am sure.


NB. The Eyejusters and Eyelergy drops were sent to me as a sample to try out as a new glasses wearer but all views are my own.


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  1. February 7, 2018 / 11:16 am

    It’s quite fun to read, considering I was exactly the same as you, this time last year, and now I wear mine for reading really small print on medications and creams, reading, using the computer… I also find I struggle with reading white font on top of a yellow background. I too felt weird trying (attempting to find, glasses to fit my face/suit my skin complexion and ones that didn’t make me look like weird!) I’m not sure about you, but I find I struggle in different lights too, especially when the sun is blaring (I know most people do, but I feel I struggle more!) and walking into stores that have white lights!

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