Fashion from a 12 Year Old’s Perspective

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When it comes to dressing our children we often look to what we like and what we think looks good on them but actually they are developing their own personality too. I thought I would ask Ben as a very cool 12 year old boy what he thinks looks good and compare it with my ideas.

Clothes for relaxing in

Ben says to relax in if he cant just wear pyjamas he would choose joggers and a loose top. He says fleece is very much what makes him feel relaxed and loves bright colours like red. Essentially Ben thinks loose and soft is the way forward for relaxing!

My ideas for what Ben should wear to relax in is joggers and a loose top also but not so much pyjamas. I think unless you are ill you really should get dressed every day! I have no great preference on colours but do quite like Ben in greens as I think they really suit him. Maybe I should buy him more bright colours in future!

Clothes for going out somewhere smart

Ben says it is a no brainer he thinks it has to be something really smart like a suit or jeans and a shirt. He always wants to wear a smart watch and feels his best in aftershave as he is really starting to grow up.

My ideas when he was younger were definitely things like smart dungarees and comfy but smart trousers. Now he is older I probably still see him a bit younger and struggle to accept he wants to be more like a man than a boy!

Ben with plate of food smiling

Clothes for dressing up as a character

Ben is growing up fast and far too big for dress up outfits in children’s sizes now. With world book day approaching and us discussing costume ideas Ben wanted to go as a character from a David Walliams book. I tried to persuade him to go in a dress for the boy in the dress. He thought maybe billionaire boy and wearing a suit. When we went shopping however we found some perfect items for him to dress as an old man to be Grandpa from Grandpa’s Great Escape. He looks great I will share his picture in a few weeks!

Clothes for Dressing up Warm

Ben is a huge football fan so loves his Mansfield Town scarf, hat and gloves. He loves camouflage colours for a coat and has spotted a lovely coat in River Island (boys coats and jackets) which is like a camo style parka jacket. I have to say it is rather cool. A few years ago Ben wouldn’t wear hats etc so I am happy with whatever he wears as long as he keeps warm!

I guess he cant stay my little boy forever and needs to develop his own tastes in clothes, even if I don’t always agree. It could be worse I guess, he could love something really bizarre!

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