Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mum’s are amazing aren’t they. Think of all they put up with over the years! Not only mum’s but step-mums, mum in law’s and grandma’s all deserve treating on Mother’s day so here I have compiled a few suggestions for you that might be just perfect for the special lady. Don’t forget if you have a friend who is a single mum they may like you to help their children get something too! Dads – this present buying is your responsibility if the children are young so get looking for ideas too! I have tried to include ideas from a few pounds upwards so there is something for everyone.

Does your mum love to cook? This apron is one of a selection of lovely personalised aprons available from Giftpup and the name for who it is to can be personalised as well as who it is from so it is great for anyone whether you call them mum or not. It is £17.99 and available direct from their website here.

If your mum uses a lot of touch screen devices maybe this Adonit Pro would be a nice gift? I have personally enjoyed trying this out and whilst I wouldn’t use it with my phone I think when I use my iPad it will be handy. It is available from £23.99 on Amazon* depending on colour choice.

Does your mum always get lots of flowers and run out of nice vases? I have always only really had cheap vases but when I was sent this lovely one from Dartington Crystal I fell in love instantly it is gorgeous and I really love the colour. A vase would be a great gift if you want to get something more than just flowers and there really is one for everyone on their website.

Want to get your mum a jigsaw puzzle with a huge difference? This puzzle from Wentworth is so unique. Not only do the pieces have lovely shapes unlike a “normal” jigsaw but there are the words “Happy Mothers Day” in pieces in the puzzle too. Check this puzzle out here with their Mothers Day jigsaw gifts and see what makes it unique – it is amazing you will love it.

Does your mum worry about getting old and her skin not being as nice as it used to be? How about this lovely skin care range from Angela Langford. I recently reviewed it here and it is definitely worth considering for a mum who loves skincare.

How about running your mum a nice relaxing bath with some tea lights and this gorgeous bath and massage balm from Arnicare. it is available at Boots stores or on Amazon* for around £8.

This gorgeous set from Baby2Body contains a lovely mixture of things you might like after giving birth. Perfect for a new mum or even an expectant mum on Mother’s Day. They sell various different sets so a lovely gift. Baby2Body is an app from pregnancy to motherhood which is full of information for parents. The app is free however with their VIP package you can have lifetime premium subscription as well as the box of goodies so maybe just the gift you are looking for?

These gorgeous little pins would be a lovely treat for any mum. They are from House of Wonderland which if you haven’t checked out before is an amazing store with lots of cool gifts for yourself or someone else! These are £6 each and just a couple of a huge selection so great for little ones to spend pocket money on mum too.

This lovely set from Beefayre is one of a variety of sets they sell for mums and mums to be. They are all nature inspired and raising awareness of the plight of the honey bee too. A lovely company with some amazing gifts which can all be found on their website here.

Does your mum love jigsaws? This Falcon puzzle may be just what she would love. A classic picture and 1000 pieces might be perfect for the cold weather we are having lately. Available from Amazon* and many other places.

If your mum loves gin then what better a present than a gin and tonic gift set so she can infuse her own flavoured gin and have a drink when she needs to relax! It is available from Sous Chef and £17.50.

Not a gift for a new mum who is desperate for sleep anytime she can but maybe for an older mum who wants to be woken up gradually. This Lumie wake up light is the perfect way to be woken up – not that being woken up by a child screaming isn’t lovely (but it isn’t is it!) and at £59.95 it would make a great gift.

These candles are totally amazing. They are massage oil made into a candle so after lighting the candle you allow the oil to cool a little and it can be used for a massage. The scent on this one is amazing but I have previously smelt another one and loved that too. They are very much a two in one gift I think and I am sure many mums would love one. For around £35 the are available direct from Mummy Loves Organics.

The Renunail nail strengthener range might be just what your mum needs? Does she complain about having nails that break easily? This range is available in a variety of places including Amazon.*

You wouldn’t normally think of a hairbrush as a gift however this gorgeous one from Rock and Ruddle might be just the gift you need. There are so many different designs they are really much more than just a boring hairbrush!

How about just a nice good quality box of chocolates? These I can assure you are very tasty! They are from Guylian so you know they are good and available in most supermarkets.

When Ben was young I don’t remember teething necklaces being a thing but they are so popular now. It is easy to see why as just popping this Nibbling one around your neck you know baby has something suitable to grab for when you are having a cuddle. With various prices and styles maybe a new mum would love this from their little one!

Does your little one want to buy mummy a present with their own money but doesn’t have much? Maybe a lovely lip balm like these would be good. They are available in a huge variety of places and very much within reach for a child to buy.

For the mum that has everything how about an Ancestry DNA pack? I am so excited to get my results back and find out mine! They currently have a Mother’s Day discount and it is £69 instead of £79 so well worth it. Have a look on their website for more information.

This lovely Orla Kiely Classic Juco bag from The Royal British Legion shop is a lovely gift at £9.99 and not only is it good value you know you are also helping such a worthwhile charity too. They have a lot of great gifts on their website so worth a look around.

Do you fancy getting your mum some jewellery? This Ring from Hendrikka Waage is £65 and might just be perfect for your mum? They have other ones too so worth a look!

The Chapel range of candles, pulse point fragrance wands and hand creams are very much a luxury range. They have been developed to help mums relax and the different scents are specially designed for different times of day. The candle vase can be reused afterwards and the candles are £65. The Fragrance wand is £22 and the hand cream (not pictured) £16. A collection can be bought at a reduced price than buying each item separately. Check the Chapel Website.

Struggling for ideas but know your mum likes a good cup of tea? What about this English Tea Shop gift tin with a lovely variety of teas for her to try? Pop over and check it out on Amazon.*


Do you want to buy your mum perfume but you really are unsure what she would like. It is so hard buying perfume for someone isn’t it unless you are sure. The Perfume Studio enables your mum to design her own perfume. It isn’t as hard as it sounds and you can really play around with the scents until you find what you love. I absolutely love the perfume I made with them. This set above is £49 and there are a huge variety of basic scents you can use to make your choice for the gift box.

This set of three aromatherapy candles are lovely and come in a gift box. The scent is amazing and the wicks are smokeless and don’t need to be trimmed between uses and still look great. For £36 the set they are a nice price for a gift for that perfect mum. The Parks website has lots of other great gifts too so worth a look.

What about some gorgeous and comfy loungewear from Jockey? These are so comfortable and would really help mum relax on mothers day. Check out their full range on the Jockey Website.

Do you need to buy a special gift at all? What about decorating a cake or some biscuits for mum? This is a great activity for children of any age, and adults too.

The range of cake decorations from Cake Angels really puts no limit on your creativity and no two cakes will ever be the same! The range is available from most supermarkets and the Cake Angels Website from around £1 upwards there is no need to spend a fortune to get that perfect unique gift.

Whatever you spend on Mother’s Day remember to have a lovely day with your mum or remembering your mum. Please also remember to spare a thought for those who don’t have a mum to celebrate with, those who struggle to conceive and desperately want to be a mum and the mums who’s children are now angels.

Love Jen


Please note some of the items in this guide I was sent as press samples to look at with a view to inclusion in the guide however I have only included items I genuinely think would be great for a mum to receive.

*Affiliate link.

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